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5 Easy DIY Dorm Decorations

5 Easy DIY Dorm Decorations

Fall is right around the corner, and so is move-in day for all of you college freshmen! No one forgets their first college dorm experience. The nerves, the excitement, and the new beginnings. It can be difficult to adjust to a new setting at first, but making your dorm feel super comfortable and home-like will help you shake away the homesickness. We know first hand that buying cute decorations for your dorm can get expensive, but we have five DIY dorm decorations that will make your new space super cute and home-like:

1. Hanging Floral Wall

Often a weird shade of paint with leftover marks and stickers from the year before, dorm walls usually aren’t the most attractive thing. A cute and fun way to cover up and distract from cinderblock or oddly colored walls is to create a wall hanging out of fake flowers and plants. With this adorable DIY hanging floral wall, you can make your space feel brighter and more home-like.

Creating this wall is super easy and all you need is fake florals, string, and some glue. Cut up the florals to disperse the clippings along the string and glue them on. And boom — you’re done and have a super cute homemade decoration that all of your friends will ask where you got it from!

5 Easy DIY Dorm Decorations

2. DIY Wall Calendar

Deadlines, work, exams, and social life can all be stressful things to keep track of in college when everything seems to be happening all at once. Having a calendar that you see every day to keep track of your schedule and deadlines is a super great way to stay organized and on top of everything. Lucky for you, we have the cutest DIY calendar that you can use to keep track of your crazy busy life.

All you need for this adorable wall calendar is a larger photo frame, paint swatches, and a whiteboard marker. You can use double-sided tape to stick the paint swatches to the frame, print out or get stickers of the days of the week for the top of the calendar, and use the marker to write in the days, month, and any and all deadlines or plans you have.

 5 Easy DIY Dorm Decorations

3. Macramé Wall Decor

Hanging things on your walls is probably the best and easiest way to decorate your dorm and make it look super cute and feeling like home. Macramé wall hangings are super cute and add a fun and bohemian touch to any room. Luckily, they are easy and fun to make yourself! You can make them simple or more intricate, depending on your preference.

These wall hangings bring together a room and make it look more professionally designed since the macramé look intricate and chic. Here is a simple DIY to follow to achieve this adorable dorm decoration:

 5 Easy DIY Dorm Decorations

4. DIY Photo Wall

Putting up a ton of photos all over your wall is a great way to make your space feel like home and to help you battle any feelings of homesickness you may get during your first year away from home. You can stick photos of friends, family, and home to your wall super easily with command strips (which are typically permitted in dorms). 

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A fun idea to start doing this is by taking photos of your new friends at school with a disposable or Polaroid camera. This allows you to start capturing more memories and creating more spaces and walls for extra photos!

5 Easy DIY Dorm Decorations

5. DIY Succulent Planters

Having plants and flowers in your dorm can really brighten it up and make it feel more like home. Whether they are real or fake, they still do the same job of bringing nature and color into your room. You can usually buy real small succulents or plants at local markets or at a garden store, which usually comes in plastic planters. To add a cuter touch to these plants, create some DIY planters using mason jars or leftover jars from jelly, sauce, etc. You can even add an extra step by tying some string around the jars or painting them with cute designs.

This addition to your dorm will really tie everything together and make it feel more comfortable and homey!

5 Easy DIY Dorm Decorations

Will you try any of these DIY dorm decorations? Let us know in the comments below which is your favorite!

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