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Easy DIY Dorm Decor You And Your Roommate Can Pull Off

Easy DIY Dorm Decor You And Your Roommate Can Pull Off

Dorm rooms are always super fun to personalize, or at least I think so. Maybe it’s about the room looking like a fresh canvas but every year I always love setting up all of my stuff just the way I like it. Making new decor for your dorm room is also a fun way to get prepared for the new school year or your very first dorm room experience. No matter your situation, it’s always a good idea to have some easy DIY dorm decor ideas that you can pull off with no problem in your crafting arsenal.

1. Coffee Station:

Everyone needs some type of caffeine fix at some point in their college career. At least that’s what people tell me. For most people, that caffeine fix comes in their morning (and possibly afternoon and evening, let’s be real) coffee. But, buying three coffees a day from Starbucks get’s expensive and the cafeteria’s coffee might not always have the flavors you’re looking for or be freshly brewed. An easy solution is to set up a coffee station in your dorm room. all you need is a small cart or piece of furniture and then you’ll fill it up with your favorite coffee fixings like your Keurig, favorite K-cups, and, cute mugs.

2. “Where Am I” Door Sign:

This sign definitely would come in handy if you are an RA or are in a prominent position on campus like student government or student programming. But it can also be useful if you and your roommates all want to know where the other roomies are throughout the day. Also if you put the sign outside your door friends dropping by for a visit will know exactly where you are too, and if you’re even available to hang out. All you really need is a board or piece of stock paper, a marker, and a clothespin or paper clip to move up and down the list. If you wanted to make it more aesthetically pleasing, you could add some paint, colorful tape, and other accents.


3.  Plastic Drawer Upgrade:

You’ll probably need some type of plastic storage system for your dorm room. It’s inevitable with the limited space and the need to keep things organized and separate from your roommate’s stuff. But I also know that sometimes they can be an eyesore. You often can’t find a color that goes with your room and they are also typically see-through, showing all of your personal stuff or junk.  With all of that being said, they are also super easy to upgrade. You could spray paint them or put some colorful or patterned paper up to the clear plastic, so no one can see your belongings. Of course, you can add some extra flair and if you have the time, why wouldn’t you?

4. Door Tags:

Although often the RA’s of your building or floor will make you and your roommates door tags, it’s still fun to make some of your own. I sometimes make some around the different holidays just to add a little individuality and holiday spirit to the door. You and your friends also know your squad best, so if you make your own door tags they can be something you all like or a funny inside joke. They really are also an excuse for a little art therapy on a stressful night.

5. Gallery Wall:

Setting up your photos gallery style is a great addition to any dorm room. How else are you supposed to display all the pictures of your friends, family, dogs, and vacations? Whenever I would go into somebody’s room and they had all of their pictures up, I couldn’t help but stare at them. Then, I would ask them what a bunch of their pictures were of or where they were taken. So, I guess you could say it’s also a homey conversation starter. Also, you could take your gallery wall decor up a notch and arrange it with other posters or arrange the photos in a shape like a heart, smiley face, or other design.

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6. Holiday Door Decorations:

One of the most fun things about living in a residence hall or college apartment is being able to decorate your living space with your roommates and friends for the holidays. It’s always a lot of fun to celebrate one of the best times of years with all of your friends that have become more like family before you go home for the long winter break. Decorating a small college space for the holidays can be done easily by just putting up a small Christmas tree or little decorations that sit on your desk. But something even more special and fun is decorating your dorm door with wrapping paper and other holiday decorations. You just tape the wrapping paper on your door and hang any other fun holiday accessories that you see fit. I’ve seen a lot of cool dorm doors in my day and people usually get pretty into this so be prepared to bring your A-game.

7. Snack Bar:

Sometimes when you come home from classes and it’s been *that* kind of day, you just need to relax for a couple minutes with your favorite snack. It would also be helpful if your precious snack foods were right where you could see them the second you walk in the door so you don’t have to waste any time getting to the relaxing part of your evening. That’s where a snack bar or designated snack section comes in. It’ll help keep your room or shared kitchen more organized and you’ll also have some space to separate your roommate’s snacks from your own.


8. Personalized Key Hooks:

I misplace my lanyard and keys more often than I care to admit. Especially as a senior. making key hooks for you and all of your roommates would be a great organizing trick for your shared living space. This way, no one is getting locked out, misplacing their keys, or getting their keys mixed up with someone else’s. They are easy to make as well. You take a small, square piece of wood, put in some twist in hooks, and then you can personalize each piece of wood however you like with patterns, designs, and initials.

I hope this list of DIY dorm decor ideas has helped you think of some ideas for your upcoming move-in day or has given you some new tips and tricks for your existing dorm room. Is there an easy DIY decor project that you tried out for your room? Let me know in the comments below!

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