Easy DIY Decorations For Your Dorm

Easy DIY Decorations For Your Dorm

Your dorm room is your home away from home, and it should reflect a style that is undeniably you. As much as you would like to do an interior design makeover, money is a significant limiting factor of consideration. If you’re on a budget, chances are you won’t want to spend it on any pricey dorm décor when you need it for school supplies and other priority needs. This article contains several fun DIY projects to update and personalize your dorm without depleting your bank account.

1. Photo Hangings

Photos are a great way to bring a part of home with you. Display your favorite snapshots of fun times with your friends or memories from your last family vacation. Instead of spending money on frames or fancy photo easels, instead, you can create your own signature wall with a simple hanging photo display.

To make these DIY decorations you simply need a wooden dowel and string. Tie pieces of string in varying lengths to the dowel, attach a piece to both ends to use as a handle and stick it to your wall with a piece of painter’s tape or other safe hanging material. Then simply attach your photos down the string and you’re done!

2. Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns can be a fun way to lighten up your dorm room. Cut them out into all sorts of different shapes and sizes and use different color paper to add a tinted effect if you wish. Paper lanterns may be as simple as taping pieces of construction paper into a cylinder and placing it around a light source. Please be careful about using bulbs as they may heat up and prove a safety hazard, consider items like fairy lights instead.

Let your creative juices flow and make cutout designs to cast shadows or hang them up from the ceiling to give the effect of a regal palace or dense forest. There are plenty of design templates you can print from the internet to help, so don’t worry about messing up, a DIYs point is to have fun and make something you can be proud of.

Easy DIY Decorations For Your Dorm

3. Plants and Flower Pots

Plants and decorative flowers add color and life to any dorm room. If you are concerned about being unable to care for them, there are plenty of varieties that require little maintenance, or you can simply buy fake flowers or plants. You can decorate and brighten up your room without worrying about the artificial plants (which look real) dying.

For an extra personal touch, buy plain pots or jars for your plants and customize them with paint or other art mediums. Draw fun designs or print pictures to glue on the pots and create matching sets to go with the rest of your décor! You can also cut out paper designs or simply place a few stickers for a simpler DIY decoration touch.

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Easy DIY Decorations For Your Dorm

4. Jar Organizers

Maintaining an organized desk can be a pain, but it is worth your effort to keep it cleared of any junk that might interfere with your daily routine. Mason jars can be used as great organizers to keep your pencils, pens, supplies and all other items that might go rolling away all gathered in one place. Mason jars are also easy to decorate to make them look like decorative pieces instead of boring plain jars with pens and supplies in them.

Paint them with fun designs, fill them up with beads or orbeez, or cover the outside with strips of fun washi tape designs! Ideas and creativity are all up to you! It doesn’t have to be mason jars either, recycle by using old jars whether it was salsa, jam, or any other item! Anything can be used for this DIY project!

Easy DIY Decorations For Your Dorm

Which DIY project will you take on? Leave a comment below!

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