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Easy Dinner Ideas For You And Your SO

Easy Dinner Ideas For You And Your SO

Finding easy dinner ideas for you and your SO can be as difficult as choosing which puppy-mill dog to purchase. The best way to your SOs heart is through their gut bacteria. In an everchanging landscape of social momentum, easy meal ideas are the easiest ways to spend time with your SO. Take the velocity of love, accelerate it to food—snap, crackle, pop, and viola: a physics joke. Easy recipes are endless. Your patience for easy recipes is not endless. End it all with this list.

Chicken Parmesan and Chocolate Mousse 

Chicken parm is a great dinner to start off your eventual breakup (or divorce). There are many parts to this meal which makes it easier when you have a second person to make it. One person makes the noodles and the other makes the sauce. Together, you both make the breaded, fried chicken.

While the chicken parm is cooking in the oven, you make the chocolate mousse and chill it, all the while, enjoying your meal. Since chocolate is an aphrodisiac, you will have more than one meal.


Brinner: English Breakfast

Breakfast for dinner is always a great choice for a meal—not just a date. You can make a variety of breakfast foods that fill your bellies. Breakfast foods are simple and require basic kitchen ingredients.

French Toast


Stale bread can be easily transformed into a great meal. Mix two eggs with some milk, cinnamon, and sugar—and you have french toast. 


Do you like your bacon crispy or chewy? Even if you think eating bacon is cruel, ethics doesn’t affect texture or flavor.


Many people add beans over the pond to a brinner plate. You can have an over-the-pond theme and watch your favorite English movies to go along with your English brinner.



The world’s strongest men eat eggs all the time. You can fry them, boil, poach, pickle, and scramble. Eggs are not only great on their own but also a great addition to any brinner plate.


Whoever cares more about the quality of the coffee should be the one making it.



Toast is the easiest thing to make. You can have it plain, slathered with butter and jam, transform it into a sandwich, or dip it into your eggs. 


They are not to be underestimated: easy to make, hard to master. Finding the best recipe to make flapjacks like your grandmother is a near-impossible task. Your pursuit of perfect pancakes will lead your relationship down a rabbit hole of despair.


Brinner: Continental (Hotel) Breakfast

This where you divide your effort by the number of people demanding there be food. Continental breakfasts were popularized by hotels. Nowadays, a continental breakfast includes a variety of cold and warm dishes. 

Belgium Waffles

Warm, fluffy, huge waffles are the greatest part of staying at a hotel. The second best part? Not knowing if the sheets have been changed.



Cereal is an American staple. Horses have feedbags. Humans need cereal feedbags. Get on it.


Bagels are the most popular on-the-go breakfast item. Add smoked salmon and cream cheese and you have lox. 

Milk Toast


Some of us had this when we were kids. Wikipedia states that “milk toast is a breakfast dish consisting of toasted bread in warm milk, typically with sugar and butter. Salt, pepper, paprika, cinnamon, cocoa, raisins, and other ingredients may be added.”


Picnics are a great place to try out some new, easy dinner ideas if you’re busy and need some relaxation. Picnics typically include some type of salad—potato, macaroni, pasta, garden salad—a sandwich, and a beverage (wine, beer, or water). At the park, you can people-watch and make new friends with a dog named Charlie who loves to play frisbee.

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There are people who like pizza and those who’re allergic to it. Making this appropriated-to-pure-sugar with your SO can be a great way to get creative. You can both halve the pizza into your own toppings sections. It is a great exercise in compromise.

You forgo your ability to eat an entire pizza and agree to cover half of it in something you probably won’t like. Pizza can generate conversations that are light-hearted and fun. In the end, you will most likely have left-overs.



Between the two of you, you can find out who the real grill-master is. Barbecue nearly anything and it is delicious. You can grill chicken, burgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, and a variety of vegetables.

Many parks and beaches have public grills which can make this meal the centerpiece for a fun, cheap, and easy date. In the end, you can toast marshmallows to make s’mores. Finish it off by watching the sunset.


Cincinnati Chili

Chili is an easy, hearty meal. You can make this dish by stovetop or slow cooker. If you slow cook this meal, you’ll open up some time slots to fool around. This can be masterfully accomplished through streaming and sexy time. Get a few shows or movies in whilst ignoring said shows and movies. Cincinnati chili has one special ingredient: chocolate. This liquid can cause priapism in both men and women.

Chili may cause extra gas. Your stomach will be happy, your tastebuds satisfied, and your bowels magically animated. Some easy dinner ideas come at a high cost.

À la Carte (with Beer or Wine Pairings)

This is a great way to get to know one another. You pair different foods with your favorite beer or wine. This can be as easy (or as hard) as you want it to be. The best part is that you don’t even need to cook if you don’t want to. As far as easy dinner ideas go, this requires the least forethought.



A typical date can involve getting some takeout and watching movies. Make the date stand out by getting stirfry. The easiest option for your wallet is to create some stirfry of your own—all you need is rice, soy sauce, meat, vegetables, and a stovetop.

While you’re both in the kitchen area, you can use this time to casually talk about whatever comes to your mind. Sensually flirting close to a hot stovetop is like fighting next to a stairwell. If you end up burning the stirfry, you can always order takeout as a backup plan.


Easy dinner ideas are useful, simplistic, and they get the job done. There’s nothing like saving time. You die a little less inside when you do this. What is your fav snack-and-hit-that meal? Leave a comment below!

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