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Easy Desserts To Make In The Dorm Room

Easy Desserts To Make In The Dorm Room

Dorm room kitchens are usually pretty small; cooking any extravagant meal is a mission, and cleaning large bowls, pots and pans is just as annoying. If you are looking for some super easy desserts you can make with minimal cleanup, try out these options! You will be the hit of the dorms with these delicious treats. 

Mug Cake 

Mug cakes are delicious, super easy, fast and they can be made in just about any flavour you can dream up. There are tons of recipes online and you will be sure to find a recipe that tickles your fancy. This is the epitome of minimal clean up dessert. Mug cakes are prepared, cooked and eaten all in the mug, so that means you will only have to clean up a mug, and one or two spoons. You will have your evening dessert organised at the drop of a hat. As long as you keep basic baking ingredients on hand, such as flour, sugar and egg you will be able to have yourself the perfect little cake for one, anytime you wish! You will never want another dessert again. 

Microwave Cake Tin

There has been a couple of really cool cake tins on the market recently. These cake tins save a lot of time and cleaning up. All that you have to do is get your hands on one. Get a box mix, prepare your cake in the tin, this included mixing. Then pop it in the microwave and you will be done in no time. This is perfect for a girls night in, all that you will need is a couple of forks and you can dive in! Once again minimal clean up with this one. Definitely get your hands on one of these if you come across one. 


Microwave Brownie Tin

If brownies are more your style, then lucky for you, microwave brownie tins are also available. Same rules apply, mix your batter in the tin and pop it into the microwave. You will have your whole dorm drooling over the smell of these. These tins are a great option for all college students if you don’t have a proper oven in your midst. This is super convenient and above all, tasty! 

Chocolate Fondue

If you want something less heavy but equally delicious. Try some chocolate fondue. You don’t have to be super fancy with this one, just melt some chocolate in a bowl and cut up some fruit. Gather your friends and you will have the most deliciously fun girls night in. There is sure to be a fruit choice to satisfy all. You truly can’t go wrong with this one. 

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Protein Balls 

If you are wanting to keep on your health kick, but still want a dessert at the end of the night. Try your hand at making some protein balls. You can make heaps of these and keep them on hand, to satisfy any sweet cravings you may have at any time of the day. You can substitute any flavour combos that you like to make sure you have the most delicious protein balls imaginable. Protein balls require no baking so they are super quick and easy to make at anytime! The only clean up you will have is one large bowl, and spoon. Protein balls are great to have readily available, they are not only tasty but they are a great source of energy for a afternoon pick me up! 


Any hacks to cook at college are always welcome in my book, Let us know what your favourite quick easy treats are! 

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