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10 Easy Desserts To Make For Your Next Party

Desserts for a party often fall into the store-bought category. You end up cleaning up plastic containers of cookies or grocery store cake when there are so many other options out there! If you want to take a chance, here are 10 easy desserts to make for your next party.

1. Cake Mix Bars

The primary ingredient in these cake mix bars is yellow cake mix, how easy is that? Consider this easy dessert when you want to indulge in that rainbow cake mix we all recognize and love. This is a great alternative when you want the cake taste without having to endure the entire baking process. A shortcut does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor!

2. No Bake Raspberry Cheesecake Pots

The best thing about no bake easy desserts is that you can serve them any time of year. Since there is no heat involved, there is no reason to not try this recipe at least once. These no bake raspberry cheesecake pots are sure to satisfy guests at your next party and leave them wanting more! If you want to try a more daring flavor, you can try chocolate-hazelnut cheesecake batter!

3. Chocolate Brownie Cookies

When it comes to easy desserts, combinations seem like the best options. Why buy both when you can swirl them into one delicious concoction? It becomes a topic of conversation and your dessert contributions will not be forgotten. You can even bake these gluten free chocolate brownie cookies three days ahead and they will still be fresh for your next party!

4. Grasshopper Bars

Minty chocolate bars with a cute name? Sign me up! This is an easy dessert recipe I had never seen before but now I am so excited to try it out. These grasshopper bars bring wafers, marshmallows, and chocolate together in the most glorious way. Consider adding green food coloring to make it really authentic!

5. Melon Slushies

If you are like me, you can enjoy a good melon at any time of the year. For your next party, amp up the drink game with these melon slushies. All you need is simple syrup, your choice of melon, and a few taste varying ingredients. It will be a nice refreshing treat for your guests!

6. Peach Melba Ice Pops

A low calorie fruity dessert is always a party option. These easy dessert recipe for peach melba ice pops requires full-fat vanilla yogurt so be aware of that decadent element before serving. Not only are they tasty but they look amazing!

7. Rocky Road Cookie Cups

This easy dessert puts your mini muffin tin to use! Not only will these rocky road cookies cups house the smores mixture but it will definitely help you in the cleaning department. Making desserts for a party is fun but anything that can make the cleaning process easier is definitely welcome!

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8. Snickerdoodles

A classic easy dessert that never seems to go out of style. Instead of buying cookies on the way to your next party, consider making these snickerdoodles. There is a lot of care involved to get the perfect cookie and this easy dessert recipe claims to be the best!

9. Tie-Dyed Cupcakes

The more colorful, the better when it comes to easy desserts. These tie-dyed cupcakes will visually captivate the guests at your next party and you will be pleasantly surprised with how simple they are to make!

10. Tropical Rainbow

If you are going purely for aesthetics with your easy desserts, the tropical rainbow is for you. The process of laying the gelatin is a soothing process and it will make the “drink” experience an unforgettable one.

Here’s hoping the dessert table at your next party is a success! What are your favorite easy desserts? Tell us in the comments!
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