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7 Easy Delicious Desserts To Make For A Girl’s Night In

7 Easy Delicious Desserts To Make For A Girl’s Night In

You need to try these 7 easy delicious desserts the next time you have a girl’s night in! These recipes don’t take a crazy amount of effort to make, and they look just as good as they taste. Prepare them with the help of your besties for a fun night in that you won’t forget.

1. Edible Cookie Dough

So, you’re probably looking at the title edible cookie dough and thinking “wait, cookie dough isn’t edible?” To which my response is yes and, also, no. Too much store-bought cookie dough can actually be bad for you although it tastes so good. That’s where this edible cookie dough recipe comes in! Choose between 3 different flavors- chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chunk, and funfetti sugar cookie- then get your apron on for the fun. You’ll only put about 27 minutes into prepping and baking this recipe altogether so there’s plenty of time for you to enjoy dessert and dish about the latest gossip. Click here for the full recipe!

2. Nutella Cheesecake

Here are four words to make you swoon: no-bake Nutella cheesecake. This one’s for the girl’s night in that always turns into a sleepover. Sweet, creamy, and undeniably indulgent, this Nutella cheesecake is really worth the amount of time you will have to wait for it to become firm. Sorry girls, you’ll have to pop in Titanic, get all the way through it, and then start another Leonardo DiCaprio movie (we’ll recommend Romeo and Juliet to keep that devastating romance mood going) before this baby is ready to eat. The good news is that it’ll be ready for you to eat all of your feelings before that second movie ends. Oh, and that crunchy chocolate topping you see in the image below? Those are bits of Ferrero Rocher.  Again, super worth the wait. Head here for the full recipe.


3. Heart Shaped Churros

Next on the list are these cute heart shaped churros which are a sweet dessert that won’t take all night to make. In fact, they take approximately 20 minutes to prepare and cook. What could be sweeter than that? You will need a deep pot to fry these churros in, but we promise it’s not as scary as it sounds. Have a friend make the dough, another pipe it in heart shapes then drop them in to fry, and, finally, roll them in cinnamon. At this point, you could eat the churros as they are or make a chocolate sauce to dip them in. Tip: if you don’t want to make your own chocolate dipping sauce, melt some chocolate in the microwave, but be very careful when you take it out as it will be a lot hotter than it looks. Get the complete recipe here!

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet

For the ultimate chocolate chip cookie experience, make this chocolate chip cookie skillet, and split it with all of your girls. It’s gooey, warm, and you can put ice cream on top for a little extra sweetness. You can bake this one while you do each others’ nails since this recipe takes about 26 minutes to bake- just make sure they’re dry before you touch anything! Don’t forget to dig in while it’s still warm. Head here for the full recipe!

5. Hershey’s S’mores Milkshake

One of the best parts of summer has to be making gooey s’mores over a campfire. Bring those wonderful summer moments inside with this over-the-top Hershey’s s’mores milkshake. You and your besties will definitely have tons of fun and make lots of memories creating these yummy milkshakes. Depending on how Instagram worthy you want this recipe to look, the time to make it varies. You can put a bit more effort into the details and finishing touches such as the chocolate syrup in the glass, perfect placement of the marshmallows, or making the whipped cream from scratch. The decision is yours. Head over here for the recipe. 

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6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Combine chocolate chip cookies and ice cream, two of the sweetest treats to exist, to make the ingenious chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Bake some chunky chocolate chip cookies by making using a little more dough than you normally would. Let them cool before scooping some ice cream onto the bottom of one cookie and then flatten it out. Place the second cookie on top to make the sandwich. Put your freshly made ice cream sandwiches in the freezer to harden if you want to add the chocolate chips on the sides or just devour them as soon as you stuff them with ice cream. You can get the full recipe here.

7. Chocolate Turtle Brownies

Want a bite-sized snack that even your friends with allergies can enjoy? These chocolate turtle brownies can be made with any boxed brownie mix including the gluten-free and allergy sensitive kind. You can bake them in these cute little jelly jars, as shown below, or make them in a regular pan. Top them with a caramel drizzle, chocolate, and pecans (unless someone has a peanut allergy) for that delectable taste inspired by the Turtle chocolate candies. Easy and yummy. Click here for the complete recipe!


Which of these mouth-watering recipes are you excited to make with your besties? Let us know in the comments below!

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