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5 Easy Decor Pieces You Can Make At Home

5 Easy Decor Pieces You Can Make At Home

Decor for your home shouldn’t be difficult, you don’t always need an interior decorator for decorating your home. It doesn’t have to be pricey and sometimes it’s easier to DIY what you want than to continue searching for it. These decor pieces are easily customizable to fit your aesthetic. If you’re trying to figure out what to add to your space to make it more “you” then take a look at this list. You might just find what you’re looking for. 

1. Flower Mirror

You can add your favorite faux flowers to the sides of your mirror. Customize it to the color scheme of your bedroom or just what you think is the prettiest. All you need are fake flowers, a mirror, E6000 glue (or hot glue works as well), and scissors to the stems. You can find E6000 glue at any craft store along with the scissors and fake flowers. If the flowers at the craft store seem too pricy the dollar store also has a great collection. The result ends up a unique piece to you.


2. Flower Box 

Have you seen those venus flower boxes that those influencers seem to get and fell in love with them? You look to purchase them because it would be a great centerpiece for your dining table or coffee table and saw the price and immediately decided you didn’t want it. Well, they’re quite simple to make you need a hat box (or any box you’re willing to paint), fake flowers, styrofoam sheets, and the ribbon of your choosing. If the box you have isn’t the color you want or has decoration on it pain the box preferably with spray paint but craft paint will be fine.

Make sure all the strokes the same and the paint is even. Add the styrofoam to the bottom of the box to have the fake flowers stick on to. Put the flowers in the box and see where you need to cut the wire stems at so they’re not too long. The flowers should be the same length as the box or slightly longer. Put the flowers in to fit the box in the style you want until there’s no more room for any more to fit. You don’t want the box to look empty. Tie the ribbon you chose around the box and boom! You’re done. You got your very own flower box without the hefty price tag. 

3.  Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is probably one of the simplest decor ideas you can come up with. All you need are a lot of photos and tape to stick it onto your wall. If you have a printer it’s easier to print out the photos by yourself and just to purchase ink and the sizes of the photo paper you want. If you don’t have a printer download the Walgreens or CVS app and see if they have a photo print section and you can upload and print from there. All you need to do is pick it up. This is a fairly affordable decor idea and is a great way to show your personality and who you are.


Search up the names or scenes of shows you like and download and save them so you can print them out later. Look for your favorite quotes as well. You can even only print out the photos that have a certain color to fit your aesthetic if you’re trying to go for a color scheme. Pinterest and We heart it is also great places to look for aesthetic photos that you might want to print out and put on your wall. Anime is great to start, you can choose your favorite characters, etc. add a variety to your wall so you know it’s there even if it doesn’t stand out.

Uses photos of places you’ve been or would like to go is also a great idea. Remember to make sure that the photos you choose to print aren’t blurry so that way you get good quality along with quantity. You can even resize your photos and crop them to make sure you get everything you want in the photo. Instasize is great if you’re downloading the photos on your phone. Don’t forget to print out photos of you and your friends for an extra personalized touch.


To make this decor piece even cooler you can add a border of an led light strip around your wall to brighten it up and have it looking cooler. 


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4. Boho Driftwood Decor 

You can find these all over Etsy and depop and if you’re the boho theme you’re probably tempted to purchase them. You can make it yourself if you find a nice piece of wood and don’t mind carrying it back to your house.  Once you find your driftwood you’re going to need twine, mason jars, and a packet of screw eyes. Wrap the rope around the mason jars and either tie it around the driftwood or tie it into the screw eye and screw the hook into the wood. Wrap and tie a piece of rope to the two ends of the driftwood and then you should be able to hang it up. Add a little bit of water into the mason jars and put fresh wildflowers and you have great boho decor. You can even opt-out of using mason jars and screw in screw eye hooks all to one side of the driftwood and then you can hang and show off your favorite necklaces. 


5. Hanging Flower Wall 

This one is fairly simple all you need is clear wire (preferably fishing wire) or white wire and faux flowers. Faux flowers are an excellent way to decorate. It’s a simple way to add color to your room while showing off the cute romantic aesthetic. Wrap and tie the wire around the flowers and use a command strip hook to tie the wires to. Simple, easy, and adorable. You can also use tape but it’s more likely that the flowers will fall down so I don’t advise this method unless you have a cute reliable tape. The look is nice, clean, and you can choose the colors that work best with the rest of your decor.


Which decor pieces are you going to try for your room? Let us know in the comments!