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10 Easy Courses at University of Rhode Island

10 Easy Courses at University of Rhode Island

These easy courses at University of Rhode Island are the best classes you could find. These University of Rhode Island easy courses are fun and interesting which is why you should take these easy college classes now!

With the upcoming spring semester rolling in and summer fever already hitting us, an easy course load is the best way to end off our year.  Here are the Top 10 easy courses at University of Rhode Island to take ASAP.

1. AVS 101 (Introduction to Animal Science)

AVS 101 is such an easy course since it is half online and half in a lecture.  The course is described as “animal industry’s role in world and national economy; inheritance, growth, physiology, nutrition, and diseases of domestic animals and poultry; geographic distribution and marketing of animal products.”  A ton of my friends have taken this course and it is an easy A.  This course hits an A1 outcome.

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2. SOC 100 w/ Helen Mederer

I took Sociology 100 with Professor Mederer last semester and it was such an easy A.  The course is structured around the three theories of sociology.  She doesn’t take attendance in the lectures, she only takes attendance when we do in class writing assignments and collects them.  The only bad thing is that we never know when they’re gonna be but you’re allowed to miss 3 of them.  The three exams are all online and collaborative so you can work in groups and work in groups for the final too.  This course hits an A2 outcome.

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3. COM 100 (Communication Fundamentals)

Integrates basic theory and experience in a variety of communication contexts including public speaking, small groups, and interpersonal communication. Examines human differences in order to develop more effective communication skills.  COM 100 is an easy course, you just have to give a few individual speeches and a group speech and there are exams.  This course hits a B2 outcome.


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4. WRT 104 (Writing to Inform and Explain)

Writing emphasizing the sharing of information. Varieties and strategies of expository writing for differing audiences and situations. Genres may include reports, proposals, letters, reviews, websites, academic essays.  I took WRT 106 this semester and there was no midterm or final, just four papers throughout the semester which sounds bad now but much better than an exam and I’m sure 104 and 106 are structured the same.  An easy A if you are good at time management and don’t save your four papers until the last minute.  This course hits a B1 and B4 outcome.

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5. RLS 131 (Intro to Asian Philosophies and Religions)

Introductory study of the main philosophical and religious ideas in Asia, with emphasis on Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.  This course hits an A3 outcome. This is one of my favorites when it comes to easy courses at University of Rhode Island.

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6. PLS 150 (Plants, People, and the Planet)

Fundamentals of plant biology, emphasizing the structure, physiology, and ecology of vascular plants common to gardens and landscaped environments.  This course hits an A1 outcome. This is another one of the popular easy courses at University of Rhode Island!


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7. HDF 201 (Life Span Development II)

Physical, social, cognitive, and emotional growth and development from adolescence to senescence. Attention to varied cultural settings and relevant social policy.

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8. OCG 111 (Ocean Exploration)

An introduction to the basic tenants of oceanography as illustrated by the significant scientific discoveries that have shaped our understanding of the ocean its role on the planet.  This course hits an A1 and B3 outcome.

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9. MUS 101 (Introduction to Music)

Fosters a better understanding and appreciation of the world’s great music. Consideration of musical styles, techniques, and forms from the listener’s standpoint.  This course hit an A4 and B1 outcome.

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10. ENG 243 (The Short Story)

Critical study of the short story from the early 19th century to the present.  This course hit an A3 and B1 outcome.


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Let us know what you think about these easy courses at University of Rhode Island in the comments below!
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