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10 Easy Courses at University of Florida

10 Easy Courses at University of Florida

Every college student knows the feeling of planning your schedule for next semester and realizing you are going to drown with all of the homework and/or tears that your schedule is going to make you have. If you are looking to give yourself a break in your schedule with an easy, stress-free class to boost your GPA, then you are in the right place. Here are 10 easy classes to take at the University of Florida.

1. PEN1136 – Openwater Scuba Diving

In this class, you get to learn about how to operate scuba equipment and earn your scuba certification. You even get to take an end-of-semester trip to the keys to open water scuba dive. This class is an interesting, fun and easy two credit class for those who are interested in exploring the ocean.

2. FOS2001 – Mans Food

This class can count towards your biological science gen-ed credit and is known for being a notoriously easy A. The class is all online and covers current nutrition and food science topics concerning nutritional quality, the safety of foods and how food affects your health. This class also has Smokin’ Notes, making it even easier for students to ace the exams. 


3. WIS2040 – Wildlife Issues

This is one of the most popular easy classes to take at the University of Florida. Wildlife issues is not only super easy, but the material is actually interesting for those who care about the environment and saving endangered animals. The main topics covered in this 3-credit class are the biological and ecological basis of wildlife issues and the ways humans can resolve these issues.

4. FOR4934 – Topics in Natural Resources (Nature of Running)

This one-credit class is perfect for those who love adventure, being outside and being immersed in nature. In Nature of Running, class meets once a week for two periods, where the first twenty or so minutes is a short lecture and the rest of the time is used to go on a run to various nature trails in the Gainesville area where they can explore for the remaining time. Students entire grade is based on attendance and a written journal to reflect on each trip, making it an easy and enjoyable course.

5. MUH4016 – History of Jazz

This three-credit online class counts towards your humanities and international credits and consists of easy assignments, quizzes, and two exams. The material covered is pretty interesting as it goes through the history of jazz through its origins to contemporary times while exploring its influence on other genres. It’s an easy and engaging class to take that might teach you something new about the music you listen to today.


6. THE2000 – Theater Appreciation

Even if you are not a total theater geek going into this class, it will foster a new appreciation for theater in everyone (hence the title). This three-credit online or in person class satisfies your diversity and humanities gen eds. The course revolves around reading various plays and analyze them, which might sound boring, but the plays are much more interesting than the required readings for other classes. This is another student favorite for easy classes to take at the University of Florida.

7. ARH2000 – Art Appreciation

In Art Appreciation: American Diversity and Global Arts, students learn about different art forms from different cultures and time periods. The course is offered as a three-credit online course that satisfies students diversity and humanities credits. It is an easy and fun way to appreciate art.

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8. PLP2000 – Plants, Plagues and People

This class is made for non-science majors and teaches students the impact of plants, animals, and diseases on human civilizations in chronological order from the very beginning to the present day. This class is an extremely easy A, with many extra credit opportunities and a bunch of quizzes to help boost your grade.

9. ENY1001 – Bugs and People

Don’t let the idea of looking at bugs all day dissuade you from taking this class. Bugs and People is an easy beginners class that teaches you fun facts about many different types of insects that most people didn’t know before. Take this three-credit class to satisfy your biological science gen ed credit and learn some new things along the way.

10. GLY1880 – Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Other Hazards

This class provides an overview of hazards on earth, ranging from earthquakes and volcanoes to global warming and impacts from space. This three-credit, all-online class is an easy way to knock out a physical science credit and learn more about Earth Science. This is one of the lesser known easy classes to take at the University of Florida.