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10 Easy Courses At UCO

10 Easy Courses At UCO

Looking for easy courses at UCO that will help give you a GPA boost? There are plenty of fun, easy and interesting courses out there!

Let’s face it: college is no easy feat, especially at UCO. You have restless nights with coffee and homework in the Chambers library or stressing over balancing sleep, money, and your social life. While there is no special remedy to curing the difficulties college presents, UCO offers plenty of courses students can take when they need a break from the stress their chosen majors present while completing the required Core classes. Buddy Broncho himself encourages you to read on for 10 easy courses at UCO!

1. Contemporary Moral Problems

CMP is a great philosophy course for students interested in discussing world events and controversial issues. Depending on your instructor, there’s not an unnecessary amount of research required for your homework and you get to engage in plenty of in-class discussion while receiving a generous percentage of participation points. (Note: This class is not recommended for individuals who feel too passionate about their personal beliefs and tend to get offended easily.)

2. Music Appreciation

Easily one of the most interesting and most time-conscious courses UCO has to offer, Music Appreciation is a great class students can take when they need an elective to fulfill. It was one of my favorite easy courses at UCO. The course encourages students to respect music cultures from around the world create while maintaining a simple timeline even the busiest of students can follow.


Music appreciation is one of the best easy courses at UCO!


3. Introduction to Business

Intro to Business is better when it’s taken online because there’s not a lot of work that’s required to complete the course and you get to lie in bed when you do your homework. It’s thought-provoking, easy to manage homework assignments, and doesn’t stress you out when you have too much on your plate and just need a break. See what I did there? (I’m sometimes funny.)


4. Personal Finance

No one is going to believe me about this, but Personal Finance should be an actual class requirement for UCO students. There is a lot of work that can be done in the class depending on the professor, but it’s primarily busy work that disciplines each student on personal financial management. After taking this course, I became much more responsible with my money and for planning for my future.

5. American National Government

It’s amazing how many young adults don’t seem to care about what the government does and does not do, and this class is a straight-forward core requirement that forces your eyes open. There is no bullshitting nor fairy tales told in this class; that allows students to accomplish the tasks assigned to you in a short time frame.

6. English Composition

This is not a subject that’s up everyone’s alley, but other subjects like math and science are not everyone’s best subject either. English is a great class that teaches you valuable reading and writing skills that will benefit you in the future, whether that be in your other college classes or for employment once you graduate. There’s not a lot of exams to study for nor homework to stress over, just writing away on your computer over a topic the professor assigned to either you or the class.


7. Success Strategies

While this class is not a core requirement, it’s a great class to teach you self-discipline. No homework and few essays are assigned, just some easy textbook reading and maybe a writing assignments, plenty of in-class discussions, and a couple exams to study for. Easy, right?

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8. Fundamentals of Speech

This is a phenomenal course that not only teaches you valuable research skills, it also teaches you self-confidence. You only do three big speeches to present to the class, two or three exams, and maybe a surprise speech assignment or two. Once you get over your fear of public speaking, this will be one of your favorite easy courses at UCO.

9. Healthy Life Skills

What better way to spend a Monday than in a building right by Chambers Library (where there’s coffee), a five- minute walk from West Hall (where there’s coffee), and around the corner from the 7-11 on the corner (where there’s a shit-load of coffee and other goodies). You don’t have to venture far to get to a class where coffee and your bed are nearby.

10. Math for General Education

If math isn’t your forte but you still need to take a class on it, this is, hands-down, the easiest course that will fit into your schedule. There are plenty of tutors and helpful professors on hand if you ever have any questions about a concept you don’t understand; UCO professors in general are amazing at helping their students and breaking a problem down to help the student uncover the solution.


What are your favorite easy courses at UCO? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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