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10 Easy Courses At The University Of Pennsylvania

10 Easy Courses At The University Of Pennsylvania


College is not only about studying. It’s also about gaining experience in all sorts of things. It’s about developing friendships and doing some things you’ll regret. When you make the studying part as easy as possible, you’ll have more space for all other things you need to experience. Taking the hardest courses is not the smartest thing to do. Easy courses give you the same credit and great experience, too. Here are 10 easy courses at The University of Pennsylvania you should definitely take.

1. Alfred Hitchcock

This course inspires students to think how Hitchcock’s films participated in political and social history, creating a bridge between the two world wars. If you’re a movie lover, this course will be easy for you.


2. Victimology

This is a very popular course since it fulfills the graduation requirements for Science and Technology. It also has a reputation for being easy.



3. Elementary Zulu: ACCL

This is an accelerated elementary Zulu course. If you’re interested in learning languages, any elementary course will be easy. The requirements for this course, however, are easier when compared to the other choices you have.

4. Beginning Sitar I

The sitar course has helped many students at Penn to get credits with ease. Most students take the course just because of its reputation for being easy, but they end up loving the instrument at one point or another.


5. Soc. of Media & Pop Cult

Are you interested in the role of aesthetics and style in everyday life? Maybe the Starbucks marketing awakens your interest? How about the film culture in contemporary American society? Those are only few of the many topics covered in this course. There’s not much memorizing to do, and the exams are easier than you expect.

6. Psychology of food

You’ll be surprised to realize how much our eating habits have to do with psychology. Why does America have such a terrible relationship with food? You’ll understand that and many other issues if you take this course. The topics include history of food production, the origin and development of food preferences, the measurement, basic human nutrition, and much more.



7. Environments of Africa: Geology and Climate Change

This course is cool because it will increase your awareness about climate change issues. Plus, it’s easy because you’re interested in it. Climate change affects everyone, and Africa is the most affected continent.


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8. Sociology

This course explores the current social problems, such as gender, economic, and racial inequalities. Those are the topics you discuss on the Internet every day, right? Now, you get a chance to earn credit for your opinions. There are writing projects required for this course, but that won’t be a problem when you’re dealing with inspiring topics. Plus, you can always get editing help with personal statement when you need it to make the writing project easier.


9. Europe Since 1848

The revolutions that hit Europe in 1848 had an effect on the way all societies in the world developed from then on. In this course, you’ll learn about the European nobilities and their relation to the Great War. It’s a very fun course that teaches you about civilization through a focused program. You’ll need to explore online course content, do some assigned readings, and submit an essay to get your credits.

10. Classical Mythology

This is a fully online based course. You’ll explore the heroes and gods of classical mythology. Demeter, Odysseus, Antigone, Zeus, Hercules, and many other names you know, but don’t know enough. This course is the door to understanding many modern comic books, movies, novels, and superheroes. You’ll need to write an essay that analyzes a major topic or theme in classical mythology.


Remember: the easiest courses are the ones you’re interested in. Do you know of other Penn courses that are easy and fun? Share your recommendations!

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