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10 Easy Courses At The University Of Oregon

10 Easy Courses At The University Of Oregon

10 Easy Courses At The University Of Oregon

It’s almost time to start thinking about classes for next term. Whether you’re looking for a GPA booster or to get a general education requirement out of the way, check out the list of easy courses at the University of Oregon below. They’re about as easy as college can get.

1. Anthropology 150

This class requires no textbook (or lecture attendance). Only two of the three tests count for your grade, you get points just for showing up to discussion, and the one assignment requires answering some questions based on some museum displays. Lecture slides are posted on canvas and lecture quizzes are based on those slides.

Fulfills: Social Science <2, IC


2. Family and Human Services 216

If you prefer writing papers over taking tests, this is the perfect class. There are a lot of guest speakers during lecture and the papers aren’t particularly difficult.

Fulfills: IP


3. Business 101

This class has clicker questions, but it’s not hard to get them right. A lot of the concepts are practiced in class and the tests are straightforward and based off the class notes.

Fulfills: Social Science <2

4. Geology 101

This class has clicker questions that are painless. It may seem like there is a lot of homework and the thought of having a lab may seem daunting, but they’re both a piece of cake.

Fulfills: Science <3


5. Arts and Administration 250

There’s no getting around it, there are a lot of writing assignments in this class. The good news? They’re graded leniently so as long as you do them, you’ll do well.

Fulfills: Arts and Letters <1, IP

6. Intro to Comparative Literature 103

This class features a lot of readings (it’s a literature class), but they’re not as agonizing as those required readings from high school. The writing assignments are based on the reading so if you can read and write, you’ll be just fine.

Fulfills: Arts and Letters <1, IC


7. Psychology 201

The material in this class is easy to grasp and understand, especially compared to other science courses. The tests are mostly multiple-choice and the clicker questions are based on participation.

Fulfills: Science <3

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8. Environmental Science 201

The tests in this class are multiple-choice and based on memorizing the lecture material. Any other assignments in the class are fairly simple and straightforward.

Fulfills: Social Science <2

9. CAS 101H, Reacting to the Past

This one depends on the teacher you get and what the topic of the class is. Not only is it an entertaining and engaging class, it’s also very easy to do well.

Fulfills: Social Science <2

10. German 222

There are a lot of readings in this class, but if you do them and get most of the points on the reading quizzes, you’ll get a 100 for that part of your grade. Both midterms and the final are papers and the only test is straight memorization of historical dates and facts.

Fulfills: Arts and Letters <1, IP


What are your favorite easy courses at the University of Oregon? Comment below!
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