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10 Easy Courses At The University Of Missouri

10 Easy Courses At The University Of Missouri

Are you looking for easy courses at the University of Missouri that will help give you a GPA boost? There are plenty of fun but simple courses you can take!

The University of Missouri offers an extensive number of classes. Many students start their freshman year with a plan of taking the hardest most advanced classes they can. But most soon find out that degree courses are hard enough on their own, and that there are much easier ways to get through your gen eds. With that in mind, keep reading for 10 easy courses at The University of Missouri!

1. Introduction to Floral Design: Plant Science 2220

Not many classes are as easy and fun as floral design. Not only do you learn everything from basic arrangements to event arrangements, but you also get to keep your creations. The MyZou class description is, “Introduction to the basics of floral design with special emphasis on design mechanics, flower processing, care and handling.”

2. Scuba Theory: LTC 1320

Who said you can’t scuba in the middle of the country? Through this class you can get an advanced diving certification, while getting school credit. The lab meets at the Hickman High School pool, and has gone one trips in the past. The MyZou class description is, “The curriculum of the class includes bio-physics, hydrostatic pressures, physiology, fundamentals of compressed gases, environmental conditions, mechanics, first aid as it relates to diving and planning specialty dives such as decompression, night, cave, ice, salvage and wreck diving”.



3. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: ESC PS 4087

Every college student can agree that at certain times classes get stressful. This class not only teaches you how stress effects your body, but teaches you how to control stress in different ways. The class goes through everything from mindful eating to yoga. This class is only offered selected years. The MyZou class description is,”Mindfulness-based stress reduction seminar – Full day retreat TBD. There is a $40 lab fee associated with this class. Contact Terri Wilson at Junior and senior standing only.”



4. The Superhero In American Culture From Washington To Wolverine: HIST 4425

This class explores all American heroes from fictional to non-fictional. Through this class students look into popular culture and look at the historical patters of what we now view as American heroes. The MyZou class description is, “This course aims to help students become better informed and more critical consumers of popular culture by situating a selection of important American works and genres within the historical context of their creation, and in the history of American culture”.

5. Popular Literature: Tolkien – English 2150

Are you a big “Lord of the Rings” fan? Then this will be your favorite of the easy courses at The University of Missouri. Not only do you get to read and analyze the series, but it is some online self-paced class. The MyZou class description is, “Study of literary genres, such as science fiction and the detective novel, that may be overlooked in traditional literature classes. Recommended: ENGLSH 1000.”

6. Professional Beverage Management: Hotel and Restaurant Management 3233

Nothing beats getting to drink wine in class. Mizzou’s Beverage Management class gives you three credits for tasting and pairing wine. You learn how to study wine, and what it pairs best with. The MyZou class description is, “This course provides an overview and analysis of the bar and beverage industry. Students will learn and explore the managerial and operational elements of professional beverage management. There is an emphasis on the legal aspects of beverage services, as well as training on responsible service of alcohol.


In addition, sensory analysis will be used to pair food and beverages. The course will also give a better understanding of world beverages and the differences within each area. Students will apply knowledge and techniques of beverage service to menu and operational development. Prerequisites: Open only to junior and senior students.”



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7. Harry Potter Magic and Religion: Religious Studies 2240

Harry Potter fans will make sure that the story lives on for the generations to come. One of the ways that Mizzou is contributing to this is through their Harry Potter class. This course has so much more then you could imagine. The students are required to read all of the series, and you get to watch one of the movies in class. The MyZou class description is, “This course explores religious themes in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Topics include ancient Greek, Roman, Celtic, and Norse mythological themes, the relationship between religion and magic, and reactions to the books among various religious groups.”


8. Theater 1400: Acting for Non-Majors

The goal of this class is to be easy and fun. It is open to all majors, and is led by graduate students. The students learn basic concepts: voice, movement, characters, and so on. The MyZou class description is, “Basic theory and practice of acting for the non theatre major. Restricted to Freshman and Sophomores only.”

9. Age of the Dinosaurs (GEOL 2150)

Learning about the history can be interesting, especially when learning about creatures five times the size of an elephant. This class studies not only the species, but the different mass extinctions that contributed to the destruction of this era. The MyZou class description is, “Study of the evolution of dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era. New information on dinosaur life habits, food resources, dispersal by plate tectonics, and theories of extinction will be covered. Prerequisite: 1000-level science course.”


10. Sleep and Sleep Disorders (PSYCH 3870)

This class is known to be one of the easiest and most interesting within the department. It teaches you about the psychology of different disorders. This class is also an online self-paced class. The class description is,” This course provides a critical review of the current research on both normal sleep and sleep disorders.”

What are your favorite easy courses at The University of Missouri? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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