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10 Easy Courses at the University of Central Florida

10 Easy Courses at the University of Central Florida

You might be graduating soon, need a grade booster, or want to try something new. Here are ten easy courses at the University of Central Florida!

As a UCF student, you might be graduating soon, need a grade booster, or want to try something new. Here are ten easy courses at the University of Central Florida!

1. Yoga for Performers (PEM 2122)

This class is one credit hour! This is perfect for students who do not want to take an entire three hour course, to fulfill one hour. This class consists of a UCF professor doing 40 minutes of yoga in four different videos. You practice each video two times a week and write one entry each week on your experience. Everything is entirely online, no face to face time.


2. History of Motion Pictures (FIL 2030)

Like watching old videos? The movies with sound, without sound, black and white, and colored are all included in this course. Basically, you watch movies and learn different technical terms about the film industry overtime. You’re sure to get an A in this three credit hour course as long as you watch the videos.

3. Sociology of Popular Culture (SYP 3630)

So this class is great for writers and people who love to type endlessly. Only six essays are due in the entire semester. That’s all! No tests, quizzes, discussion posts, or anything. This is a virtual class that asks for six essays about three to five pages each. If you’re okay with that being your only responsibility, enroll in this easy three credit hour course, where one of your papers will be focused on the Teletubbies and LGBTQ+ critics.

4.  Cultural Rhetorics (ENC 3373)


This class is 75% discussion based and 25% writing. You learn how politically and socially aware Lady Gaga really is. Everything you think you know about Gaga’s music videos will be tested and discussed in this course. Take this three credit hour course, trust me, you won’t regret it!

5. Visual Communication (VIC 3001)

Love five question quizzes? Want to have a multiple choice quiz on your favorite brands? This is your class. You will definitely like looking at popular advertisements, reading about branding, and taking stress free tests and quizzes in this strictly online course.



6.  Strategies for Success in College (SLS 1501)

First year students, I hope you’re reading this! This SLS class is completely freshman based with assistance finding school resources, learning how to create academic sources, and learning how to study. This class is the best preparation course for your college experience.

7. Beginning Judo (PEM 2431)

This class is three hours long! However, it is so much fun and definitely helps build strength and confidence. I must state, while not required, flexibility is helpful, considering the constant bodily involvement. Splits, backbends, flips, and cartwheels are all apart of making you a judo master. Instead of paying for textbooks, you will be spending that money on renting a judo uniform.

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8. The Human Species (ANT 2511)

Are you a lazy nerd? Here is the perfect course! If you take Human Species, you will be able to answer a few questions from Jeopardy and get an A all in one semester.



9. Introduction to Theatre Dance (DAA 2000C)

Grab your dancing shoes and jazz into any DAA course. Introduction to Theatre Dance is for those who are looking for a two hour class that is fun and fulfilling for graduation.

10. Couples, Family, and Intimate Relationships (MHS 2441)

This Human Services course talks about dating, social media, and an array of different relationships. Learn the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, communicating stress in relationships, and figuring out parenting. This course is four hours long, so if you’re looking for a long winded romantic class twice a week, enroll now.

What are some other easy courses at the University of Central Florida?
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