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5 Easy Courses To Take At SUNY Binghamton

5 Easy Courses To Take At SUNY Binghamton

With each semester comes a new schedule, and if you are interested in taking some easy courses - here's what to take for that A at SUNY Binghamton University!

Scheduling is happening, people! Orientation has already begun, and the stress that comes along with getting placed into the classes you want is at its peak. Here are 10 Easy Courses at SUNY Binghamton that will fulfill your Gen-ed requirements.

A little bit of Google searching will tell you the requirements that you must fulfill to graduate our lovely school.

Students must fulfill requirements in the following categories:

  • Language and Communication
    • Composition (C) and Oral Communication (O) or Joint Composition/Oral Communication (J)
    • Foreign Language (FL1, FL2, FL3)
  • Creating a Global Vision
    • Global Interdependencies (G)
    • Pluralism in the United States (P)
  • Liberal Arts
    • Aesthetics (A)
    • Humanities (H)
    • Laboratory Sciences (L)
    • Social Sciences (N)
    • Mathematics (M)
  • Physical Activity/Wellness
  • Combination of Physical Activity (Y), Wellness (S), or Both Physical Activity/Wellness (B)

I know, It’s a lot. 

But— there are easy ways to get around it. Firstly, the college scheduler link on my.binghamton under “Student” is a life saver. You are able to choose what category. Enough chit chat, here is the list.

1. 101 Intro to Musical Theatre

“An introduction to the world of musical theatre in order to broaden and deepen the students understanding and appreciation of this art form. This class explores the various aspects of musical theatre and also analyzes the construction of representative musicals from the earliest operettas to modern day. Students will study how all the different elements of a musical, the music, the lyrics, the book, the direction, the choreography, and all design elements come together to transform source material into something both musical and magical. Throughout this course, we will explore the workings of the craft of musical theatre through the following methods: reading lyrics and librettos, listening to musicals in class and outside of class; watching clips from films in class and filmed productions online out of class; attending one live production, and studying a textbook. THIS COURSE IS APPROPRIATE FOR FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS.”

Yes, I’m serious… You can take a 101 course on theatre- studying the “art form” for your aesthetics gen ed requirement. Everyone I have spoken to that has taken this class has claimed it the easiest class- ever at SUNY Binghamton.

This is one of the easiest courses to take at SUNY Binghamton!

2. Hiking 177

“Hiking is a great way to stay fit, reduce stress and experience the natural environment. This course uses an integrated presentation of wellness topics and physical activity to introduce the learner to the basic skills and techniques of day hiking. Class sessions are utilized to hike the trails of our campus and local county parks. Lecture topics will include backcountry nutrition, basic survival techniques and preparedness, wilderness ethic, wellness and environmental awareness. Expect to be outside every class session while changing the way you perceive exercise. Synthetic long underwear and sturdy hiking boots or shoes are necessary. There is a strict attendance policy. First class day is 9/11/17. This course includes three mandatory weekend day trips to put skills to practical use: Saturday, Sept. 30, Sunday, Oct. 22 & Saturday, Oct. 28. Must register and make payment in person in the Outdoor Pursuits office, EG-10. Additional course fee is $175. This course is assessed a $30 non-refundable fee through Student Accounts upon registration. NOTE: Fees and drop/add deadlines associated with mini courses are subjected to earlier deadlines than those of full semester courses”

Hiking. In Binghamton. That’s basically your daily Newing to Mountainview walk. Except you get BOTH your physical activity AND wellness gen ed requirements. Don’t forget that descriptions are a lot more intense than the class really is. Good for the outdoorsy kind.

This is one of the easiest courses to take at SUNY Binghamton!

3. Intro to African Religion 171

“E. A. Wallis Budge defined African religion as “the worship of the souls of the dead, commonly called Ancestor Worship.” Also, Diodorus, a Greek historian, wrote over 2,000 years ago that blacks were “the first to be taught to honor the gods and to hold sacrifices and processions and festivals and other rites by which men honor the deity; and … sacrifices practiced among the Ethiopians [black people] … are those which are the most pleasing to heaven.” Thus, the course reviews the history of religion as a discipline, nature and phenomenon of African religion, conception of God and gods and goddesses, ancestors and elders, witchcraft, and rituals and symbols that offer meaning to the lives of believers. ”

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This class fulfills your Writing AND Humanities requirements. Oh, and, if you are lucky, you can get the KING OF GHANA as your professor. I’m serious. Also, there is one final paper- and that is the only paper you will have to write. This course is great for Science/Math people that need to fulfill their writing requirements at SUNY Binghamton. This is one of the easiest courses to take at SUNY Binghamton!

4. Elementary Spanish, Italian, French and more 101

“SPAN 111-01 ELEMENTARY SPANISH I SAMIANI First part of communication-based foundation course. Reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking skills emerge through practice in class and out.”

These courses are for children, hence the name. If you were in spanish for 5 years, then Elementary Spanish will be an Easy A for you! Same with all of the other languages they have to offer. One and done people, this will fulfill your FL1 requirement at SUNY Binghamton! This is one of the easiest courses to take at SUNY Binghamton!

5. Astronomy 114/ Observational Astronomy Lab

“Lab activities related to solar, stellar, galactic astronomy, and cosmology. Most activies are computer-based using an interactive web site. Format: One hour per week; grade determined from the completion of the lab notebook (manual), in class quizzes, attendance, web tutorials, and a final exam. Astronomy 115 (lab) must be taken concurrently with, or after successful completion of Astronomy 114 (lecture) to earn the General Education “L”. Materials: Lab Manual and web site access code (mastering astronomy). There are several options for a text, details in the syllabus.”

So you basically go to the astronomy Lab and observe stars, so difficult. AND it fulfills your “L” requirement.

Would you take these courses at SUNY Binghamton? Let us know in the comment section below!

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