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10 Easy Courses at Southeastern Louisiana University

10 Easy Courses at Southeastern Louisiana University

Looking for an easy way to pad your GPA? Or is your schedule is all ready full to the brim with hard classes? Try some of these easy courses at Southeastern for a no-stress way to fill out your semester!

1. COMM 211- Public Speaking

Although some have a fear of speaking in front of an audience, this can break that fear and help you become more confident.



2. CPL 104 – Career Planning

This class is basically all about what you have planned for your life after college so how could this not be easy!

3. KINL 133 – Walking for fitness

You do this everyday when you go to class so why not get an easy grade for it?

4. KINL 103 – Jogging

Now if you want to kick it up a notch, jogging may be more your style!



5. KINL 120 – Basic Swimming

You learn all the basics from the backstroke to breaststroke. This is can be fun if you love the water.

6. MGMT 210 – Microcomputer Applications for Business

If you ever took a computer class in high school, this is basically the same thing with Microsoft Office. Follow the instructions in the book to create different documents and you’ll be set! Just make sure your computer doesn’t crash or save as you go because you’ll have to start all over!


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7. SE 101 – Freshman Academic Success at Southeastern

The basic freshman seminar class is all about Southeastern and what we have to offer. An easy A at its finest!

8. THEA 131 – Intro to Theatre

This class is all about the theatre from the beginning to now, but it can be fun and easy!


9. LS 102 – Intro to Info Research

Learning about the library can be beneficial for future research and making an A won’t hurt either.


10. GBIO 106 – Intro to Biology Principles I

This is basically the biology we all took in high school so if you remember anything you learned in high school, you’re good!

Do you know some other easy courses at Southeastern? Leave a suggestion in the comments!
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