10 Easy Courses At San Francisco State University

There are so many easy courses at San Francisco State University! They're great for a GPA booster, but are also really fun courses.

For all you upperclassmen looking for an easy A for this upcoming spring semester, look no further! These classes are perfect to satisfy those upper division requirements, to have a relief class, or to fill up your schedule when you only have two more classes left for your major. So check out these 10 easy courses at San Francisco State University and see if they pique your interest.

1. Mus 506- Survey of Jazz

The class consists of a midterm, a final, and three jazz concert reviews. The midterm and final material is all covered extensively a day or two before the actual exam. This class is really relaxing so you don’t have to stress over passing because the class, really is that easy.


2. Hum 330- Human Sexuality

The lectures are online if you miss a class or don’t like going, there are various extra credit offered, all the quizzes are due at the end of the semester and i want to say he drops your lowest exam grade but don’t take my word to heart. The class itself is jam packed with lots of interesting and relevant material regarding various bodily functions and processes that shape gender, sex, and sexuality.


3. Th a- Introduction to Theater

This class consists of learning about various techniques that are specific to acting, directing, and designing. Get ready to attend various theater productions and analyze how the production uses such techniques to create specific moods.


4. Art 245- Ceramics 1

How hard can it be?

5. Danc 163- Ballet I

For those of you who want to live out your dream as a ballerina! It might not be the easiest class in practice but at least there are no academic articles.


6. HH 535- Western Nutrition and herbs

Learn about how to prevent and treat diseases, as well as how to maintain a healthy body by switching out pharmaceutical drugs and replacing them with herbs, for more natural remedies.



7. Kin 136- Hatha Yoga

Yoga is a great way to de-stress and would be a nice change of pace between some of your harder classes.

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8. Geog 107- World Regions and Interrelations

Learn about the stages of economic development each country goes through as they become more developed and the cultural differentiation that occurs as countries go through each stages, all while learning about various countries around the world.

9. WGS 160- Gender, Politics, and Citizenship

For this class we had three take home exams and some sporadic quizzes. There are a lot of movies and youtube clips shown in the class so you don’t forget to grab some kettle corn on your way in.


10. Cine 365- History of Animation

This is about animated films that analyze graphics and photographic arts that are used to develop film and electronic media trends.


What easy courses at San Francisco State University have you taken? Comment below!
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