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10 Easy Courses At Rutgers University

10 Easy Courses At Rutgers University

Easy courses at Rutgers are easy GPA boosting classes. Find out which easy Rutgers University courses you should take in the Spring. Spring Semester classes should be fun and educational. Here are the best courses at Rutgers.

It’s a new Spring Semester here at Rutgers University and students are constantly working on improving our GPA ! Whether , your goal is to be on the Dean’s List or even make it up until a 3.0. Here’s your guide to classes that will make your GPA soar and are the least credit intensive. No worries there’s still hope! These easy courses at Rutgers are serious GPA boosters.

1. Theater Appreciation

This course covers a series of plays that one must attend and as a result discusses plays picked by one’s own professor. One MUST see the plays because there will be question given one each plays over the course. If one has been to the movies before then one will officially set! In addition, the plays are of interest therefore, grab a friend attend the play and it would be fun.dresses, robes, and theatre image

2. Dance Appreciation

I believe any form of entertainment will keep one intrigued especially a student. Therefore. this course is not intensive since it covers something that anyone should be familiar with which is Dance. The course covers this history and culture of diverse style of Dances. This is course is rather fun than difficult. Anyways, who doesn’t love to dance?  This class will both capture your interest instead of boring you to sleep.


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3. Intro to Latino Studies

This is by far one of my favorite classes that I am openly engaged about and it is far from hard. Intro to Latino Studies emphasizes the importance of intersectionality, cultural identity, and the hardships that Latino faced in the U.S. One retains important information regarding the Latino Community and is openly brung up to bring awareness and inform the class of a new historical context. Think of it as simply learning something new and being question on information one has’t heard before.

4. Career Management

This class is a must take simply because it can help one with their career plans and the level of difficulty is slim to none. Personally, what I love most about this class is it focuses on important things that will help me in the future such as resumes, cover letters, interview, and elevator speeches.glasses, office, and organise image


5. Intro to Sociology

First of all, any intro class gives away the level of difficulty of a class. Also, who hasn’t heard of Karl Marxism and it’s applied concepts in society? The class discusses anything one hasn’t heard of before in society. Sociology is most memorization and it can be learned less that forty-five minutes.

6. Planet Earth

If one needs a science course Planet Earth is highly recommended. It’s not your average course here at Rutgers. The information should be prior knowledge and anything that is new should be somewhat familiar. It discusses important concepts such as the earth systems.ball, planet, and wallpaper image

7. Intro to Meteorology

Again, this science class is not any new information. It takes on a very simple concept of science that one can be very familiar with. It discusses, high climates, meteorology, and states of matter. Lectures also cover how meteorology impacts the natural world and society. I mean who doesn’t love to learn anything that they’re familiar with.


8. Intro to Anthropology

Who doesn’t love learning about themselves.  Anthropology discusses the study of people in which learn human physical and cultural diversity. This is a well known class on the list of easy courses at Rutgers.

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9. Intro to kinesiology

Although, this course sounds difficult surprisingly, it’s not. Remember it still has the intro in the beginnings therefore automatically your GPA is covered haha!  Intro to Kinesiology discusses health and muscle movement.


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10. Intro to Art History

Art and History has two be one of the most known things on earth. The average person should have prior knowledge on both art and history and. Intro to Art History gives an overview of the history of Western and some non-western art from renaissance to the present, and Leonardo Da, artsy, and fresh image

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