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10 Easy Courses At Ohio State University

10 Easy Courses At Ohio State University

10 Easy Courses At Ohio State University

Okay, so let’s face it, Ohio State is not like most universities. With thousands of students, top of the line facilities and internationally recognized faculty, merely being accepted to the main campus is a feat.But if you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of the rigor involved in most core classes and are looking for a break. Thanks to OSU’s massive population, we have the unique advantage of having really cool classes that aren’t offered at other universities. There are classes from wine to witchcraft. Keep reading for 10 easy courses at Ohio State University that are also really fun!

1. ARTSSCI 4870 – The Ohio State University: Its History and Its World

An introduction to the past and present of Ohio State, its importance, its disciplines, the interrelations of the academic and other components of the institution, and the contributions over the years of Ohio State to the wider world.

2. OSU Dance Department

The Ohio State Dance Department offers a bunch of classes at different levels varying from around one to three credits. If you’re a beginner, they offer tons of intro courses including ballet, modern, jazz, even hip-hop.  So don’t worry if you can’t dance or never danced before, you’ll be in good company! If you think that you’ve got the moves and are a more advanced dancer, the dance department also offer these same classes all the way up to the 6xxx level.


3. MEDREN 2666 – Magic and Witchcraft in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

A study of the history of witchcraft and magic from 400 to 1700 C.E. within sociological, religious and intellectual contexts.

4. HISTORY 2270 – Love in the Modern World

History of love in philosophy, literature, and art, focusing on the 19th and 20th centuries.  GE historical study course.

5. EARTHSC 1108 – Gemstones

General introduction to gemstones, including the origin of gems, identification techniques, and the history of important gems. Precious metals are also discussed.


6. FDSCTE 1110 – Chocolate Science

Chocolate Science introduces its students to the science and business of chocolate. Students learn how chocolate is made and follow the process all the way to production.   But, the best part is sampling different types of chocolate during lecture and if you’re not that into chocolate (which is weird) there is also an online section of this course.


7. FDSCTE 1120 – Wine and Beer in Western Culture

To enroll in this course you have to be the legal age to drink but once enrolled you can embark on the journey of what goes into making your favorite adult beverages. This course covers the role of wine and beer in western culture, emphasizing the geographic origins, production techniques, and stylistic considerations.  

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8. CSFSNRTS 2372 – Appearance, Dress, and Cultural Diversity

A cross-cultural study of the diversity and meaning of appearance and dress as manifestations of individual and group behavior, social organizations, and cultural norms. 

9. KNSFHP 1139.14 – Introductory Program of Outdoor Pursuits: Skydiving including techniques, safe practice and strategies.

Introductory Program of Outdoor Pursuits: Skydiving including techniques, safe practice and strategies. Students will have the opportunity to skydive; however, it is not required to pass the course.

While taking this course students learn how to skydive, the safety of flying through the air and at the end of the class, actually get to  jump out of a plane. This course is pass or fail and may require you to pay a little more in fees.

10. ITALIAN 2055 – Mafia Movies

Examines Italian and American mafia movies made from 1905 to the present day and traces the history of the Italian and Italian American Mafias. Taught in English.


All of the courses listed have multiple sections and as usual, make sure you meet the pre-requisites before attempting to enroll. If you’re planning for upcoming semesters, pay attention because some of the courses even qualify as GE, which make them fun and useful!

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