10 Easy Courses at North Carolina State University

10 Easy Courses at North Carolina State University

We can all agree that college is freaking tough. You deserve a break and you deserve an easy class, so it’s time to boost your GPA, baby! Here are some easy courses at North Carolina State University.

1. BUS 360: Marketing Methods

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Helps your grade point while looking good on your course list; just pay attention to vocabulary!


2. ENG 101: Academic Writing & Research

This class is required for all students. Four papers are assigned and peer edited—take this class your first semester and you won’t regret it.

3. ENG 209: Introduction to Shakespeare

If you like Shakespeare and literature, this class will be enjoyable and easy for you.


4. ENG 214: Introduction to Editing

Professor Hunter-Pillion genuinely cares about her students. This is a great class for anyone who wants to write better!


5. MIE 201: Introduction to Business


Here’s another introductory class. We are all way too smart for these ~eye roll~

6. ES 100: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

This class is easy as pie—if you do your work then you’re destined for an A.

7. STS 210: Women & Gender in Science and Technology

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Literally forum based discussions and only a few projects. Men, take this class!

8. PSY 311: Social Psychology

Don’t we know how to interact socially already?



9. USC 202: Career Exploration & Development

All about your career goals. If you want to learn more about yourself while getting an easy A+, here you go.


10. SOC 202: Principles of Sociology

This class is fun, interesting and well, easy. What more can you want?

What have been your easiest courses at North Carolina State University?
Featured image source: ise.ncsu.edu