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10 Easy Courses At Arizona State University

10 Easy Courses At Arizona State University

10 Easy Courses At Arizona State University

The phrase “C’s get degrees,” holds a lot of meaning to a student struggling through the required courses that their degree requires. Luckily, at Arizona State University, there are plenty of courses for those who want a GPA booster! Keep reading for 10 easy courses at Arizona State University!

1. MUS 354: Beatles

Arguably one of the easiest courses ASU offers. This online course is available for completion after the starting date occurs, it is composed of short assignments followed by simple exams. Some students buckle down and finish the entire course within four hours because of its ease.

2. GCU 323: Geography of Latin America

The course name is scarier than the course itself. The online course offers open book tests, an optional final, a short paper, and virtually no assignments. Dream come true, right?



3. ARS 100: Introduction to Art

Not only is the class interesting, but the material is easy to comprehend. The course can be taken either online or in person, and the overall grade is composed of quizzes and exams with plenty of opportunity for extra credit.

4. DCE 115: Yoga I

Physical education classes are very fulfilling, because you are earning credit toward a degree while working out! This yoga class is for beginners and is an almost guaranteed A.


5. ARS 101: Art – Prehistory thru Middle Age

The course name paints a difficult picture, but the coursework is simple. The overall grade is composed of four exams, which are word for word from the lectures, and a group project.

6. DCE 124: Latin/Swing/Ballroom I

Willing to make new friends, learn some new moves, and earn an A? Then this course is for you! While you must show up to class, the instructor makes you want to. This course is a beautiful blend of stress relief and fun!



7. ARS 250: History of Photography

Photography doesn’t even have to interest you for this class to be a success. The online version of this course makes it so watching videos and reading contribute to acing the exams and quizzes.

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8. MUS 354: Elvis

Much like MUS 354: The Beatles, this online course doesn’t ask for a lot of spent time nor does it challenge the students taking it. If you’re a fan of The King, this will be your new favorite of the easy courses at Arizona State University!


9. SWU 250: Stress Management

This course teaches students how to manage their bodies as to live a less stressful life. Who doesn’t need something like this in their life? Not only is the material easy to grasp, but attendance isn’t mandatory and the first few minutes of every class are spent meditating/doing yoga.

10. SES 394: Mars Exploration

This course is a mixture between lecture and discussion, and students rave about how fun the course can be. The lecturer likes to keep things interesting, so a boring class is not to be expected.

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