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10 Easy Classes At North Carolina State University

10 Easy Classes At North Carolina State University

While there are many difficult classes at NCSU, here you’ll find a nice selection of easy courses that require less time and effort throughout the semester. Below are 10 easy classes at North Carolina State University!

Your time at North Carolina State University has either just begun or is about to end soon, and you still need one more thing: a class you can actually pass. Whether you just need a break from difficult material, or you want to slowly acclimate to college life, it can be challenging to find the relaxed classes you’re looking for. While there are many difficult classes at NCSU, here you’ll find a nice selection of easy courses that require less time and effort throughout the semester. Below are 10 easy classes at North Carolina State University!

ENG 101: Academic Writing and Research

As an introductory course into the realm of writing, you should have no problem navigating through the basic principles of essays, prose, and other academic papers that this class has to offer. Don’t let the title intimidate you, though—it’s not nearly as intense as some upper level English courses. Expect the same difficulty you experienced in a high school English class, just with a more mature setting.

ENG 214: Introduction to Editing

Grammar Nazis, rejoice! Detail-oriented people and English lovers alike can thrive in this basic editing course, which focuses more on spelling and grammar rather than literature analysis. And since this class involves less writing and more editing, you’ll be spending fewer hours studying or preparing for class. If you encounter any difficulties, you can always check out an expert essay writing services review to sharpen your editing skills.


FLS 110: Accelerated Elementary Spanish

You’ve probably already heard of the amazing benefits of learning a foreign language. Could you imagine learning the same amount of material in half the time? FLS 110 allows you to do just that. This 2-in-1 course is an elementary Spanish class which compiles the content of FLS 101 and FLS 102. Not only does it save you time by compacting both courses into one semester, but it also features the same basic coursework that any beginner of Spanish would learn.

MIE 201: Introduction to Business

Do you have the slightest interest in budgets, business ethics, or marketing that contributes to a company? Maybe you want to start your own business someday, or you’re considering a management role out of college. If that’s the case, you should definitely check out Introduction to Business. It covers all of your business bases without being too challenging or boring!


ES 100: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

Science may not be your thing, but no worries! ES 100 is easy enough for anyone to pass. This class will cover relevant topics like climate change, current agriculture practices, and basic environmental concepts. Professors make sure to bring the textbook to life, which means it will feel like you’re learning about your own backyard.

SOC 202: Principles of Sociology

Are you already curious about human behavior, different cultures, and the reason behind the structure of our current society? Principles of Sociology will be sure to keep you engaged and informed—without being too overwhelming. You’ll find yourself genuinely wanting to learn more, all while expanding your worldview.
FS 201: Introduction to Food Science

Admit it—you love food! Don’t you want to know where that food comes from? FS 201 allows to you dive into the subject of nutrition, without it being overly complicated. Here you’ll learn simple ways to eat healthier by choosing foods that give you all the nutrients you need.

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MA 103: Topics in Contemporary Mathematics

I know what you’re thinking: I hate math. Well, MA 103 is unlike most math classes. This course covers real-world, relevant math concepts that you’ll use well after college. Although you still use algebra, probability, and functions, it will be easier than any other option. Consider it to be a math class with actual purpose.

PSY 200: Introduction to Psychology

At a 100 level, Introduction to Psychology is a surefire way to easily obtain more college credit. It covers all the basic psychological theories, but professors make sure to keep the material exciting in class. You’ll view a variety of interesting concepts that might even have you changing your major to psychology by the end of the course.


EC 205: Fundamentals of Economics

While the economy isn’t the most fascinating subject, Fundamentals of Economics is guaranteed to be an easy pass. If you can handle memorizing standard vocabulary and simple economic concepts, you should have no problem with this course.

Reviewing the Options

If you need an easy class to supplement your challenging course load, or you simply require an extra elective to graduate, the options above should give you plenty to choose from. Whether you like math, social sciences, or English, there’s a class out there for you which will surely keep you going strong at North Carolina State University.

Have you taken any of these easy classes at North Carolina State University? Share your thoughts below!
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