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10 Easy Classes At MSU Mankato

10 Easy Classes At MSU Mankato

10 Easy Classes At MSU Mankato

We all agree college is hard;the struggle is real. Sometimes we all just need an easy A, not in the Emma stone kind of way. but you know a class where you could party all night, just barely make it to class the next day and still kick ass in the exam. Keep reading for 10 easy classes at MSU Mankato that will definitely boost your GPA.

1. Sociology 101

This is basically just an introductory class to sociology, lots of in class group discussion, some in class movie time (basically extra nap time). Exams are super easy.

2. Music 126

This is an introductory class to pop music, for those of you who find history boring, this might not be your cup of tea but it is easy and there is a lot of extra credit available.


3. Human performance

I didn’t give a number for this because most classes on this subject are a guaranteed winner and are fun. Basically you get credits for fun activities you would otherwise pay for like bowling and pool.

4. Theater 101

Acting for everyone is another easy class. A chance to just goof around maybe even channel your inner Angelina Jolie.

5. Psychology 101 / 103

An introductory class could also be an easy class to consider. The class covers the basics without going in depth.


6. Mass media 110

This is a basic introductory class to mass media, lectures are fun, no exams just weekly classes. To fail this class, you have to put in a lot of “effort.”


7. Film 110

This really is a film appreciation class, students get to watch movies and analyze it. We all watch movies for fun, might as well do it for credits.


8. English 101

This class can be easy or challenging depending on how good you are at writing papers. You get to write a maximum of 4 papers per semester depending on the professor. Lots of group discussion in class, nothing so challenging.

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9. Math 110

This might sound crazy, but sometimes a 100 level Math class is not such a bad idea, this class focuses on the development of mathematical ideas rather than the application which makes it less difficult.


10. Geography 101

An intro to physical geography class also makes the list for me. The reason this class comes in last is because although it’s really easy (open book exams) the lectures can get really boring.


What are your favorite easy classes at MSU Mankato? Comment below and share the article!

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