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10 Easy Classes At Appalachian State

10 Easy Classes At Appalachian State

Are you looking for easy classes at Appalachian State that will help give you that much-needed GPA boost? There are plenty of easy and interesting courses!

Are you overwhelmed by your major at Appalachian State? Relax and take a fun and easy course! From water aerobics to learning about Dinosaurs, there are plenty of options. Although these courses may be labeled as “easy”, they can also be seen as beneficial. Keep reading for 10 easy classes at Appalachian State!

1. Effective Study Skills

Effective Study Skills is a one credit hour class that covers test taking tips, time management, and different learning styles based on each individual’s needs.

2. Time Management

This class allows students to set their own goals, practice skills to manage assignments, study effectively and handle that pesky procrastination.


3. Great Books

Although I would not classify this class as “easy”, for non-English majors, this class gets you to read novels, short stories, and poems that you might normally read in a Great Books class; which can be a nice break from your normal coursework.

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4. Careers in Psychology

As a Psychology major, you are required to take this one credit hour class. Although it is an easier course, it prepares you for graduation, graduate school, and future careers.

5. Appalachian Stories

In this class, you will learn about the literature and culture of the Appalachian region in the form of poems, oral narratives, travel writing, song lyrics, and nature writing.

6. Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics can be challenging at times, but for a PE class, you get a good workout and there is not much to it besides showing up and keeping an activity log.


7. Power Reading

This course provides students with skills to read different texts as efficiently as possible to help retain more information.


8. Dinosaurs: Then and Now

In this course, you will examine how dinosaurs work within the realm of geology and biology, study the history of dinosaur science and their prevalence in popular culture. Who doesn’t want to take a class on dinosaurs?

9. Understanding Culture

You will explore diversity and unity within human experience in the lens of cultural anthropology. In this course, you will get the foundations of cultural acceptance and familiarity with different cultures.

10. Tai Chi

Another PE class, Tai Chi is a relaxing break from your hectic schedule. Self care is important.


What are your favorite easy classes at Appalachian State? Comment below and share the article!
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