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Easy Calorie Counter Apps & Sites To Help You Lose Weight

When looking to lose weight a really helpful tool can be a calorie counter. Dieting is the majority of how weight loss happens as you need to limit not only what you eat but how much you eat as well. That makes a good calorie counter very essential when truly looking to commit and lose weight quickly and safely. Not only can calorie counter apps offer ways to track meals and your daily calorie intake but you can also get recommended exercises/workouts, fitness tips, and more! Many of these calorie counter apps are a free version then you can pay (or subscribe) for a “pro” version to get more features. If you truly only want a calorie counter then the websites will probably be fine except you won’t be able to save your calories from say the week before for comparison. Here are some easy calorie counter apps and websites to help you lose weight!

1. WebMD Food Calculator

If you only want a pure calorie counter with no ability to save data and compare later on then the WebMD food calculator webpage could be a great choice for you. The page is part of the diet and weight management section of WebMD. The whole feature is super easy and intuitive to use you just need to search the “food” that you’ve eaten and it’ll lead you through being able to add up the calories. The available foods on there are pretty extensive. For example, if you choose “almonds” you get more than 50+ different options. Of course, the farther down you go you start getting into the territory of “Cereal, Oatmeal Crisp, w/ almonds” but still. Once you choose a food you select how many servings you’ve had then click “calculate.” It then brings up the approximate amount of calories, fat, and carbs that you consumed from that food. You can also drop down the nutrition facts to get even more like cholesterol, sodium, protein, and more! You can use this site in coordination with a personal log in order to track your calories daily. Or just use it every so often when you think you’ve had a day of eating way too much! A great option when looking for a good and likely very accurate calorie counter.

2. Calorie Calculator

This is another calorie counter website, Calorie Calculator, but it’s built a bit differently than the WebMD food calculator. For this, you’ll set up an approximate “profile” of yourself based on your age, gender, height, weight, and activity (frequency/intensity of your exercise routine). Once you do that it will bring up a table of four different daily calorie amounts. The first is the calories you should consume daily to maintain your current weight based on your other statistics. The next is the “mild weight loss” recommended calorie intake that you should consume every day to lose about half a pound per week. The next shows the one pound per week loss recommended calorie intake then finally the “extreme weight loss” calorie amount that you should consume to lose about two pounds per week. You can also flip it if you want to gain weight! It also has a bunch of information (even formulas) about calorie counting and losing weight so if you want a good resource guide and calorie counter then this webpage is a good place to start. Near the end of the page, it has a list of approximated “calories in common foods” such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc. You can find sample meal plans of what you should be eating throughout a day in order to hit your desired calorie amount. It’s not as precise as other calorie counter apps or websites in terms of personal intake but it can help you form a fitness plan that involves serious counting of calories!

3. MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal is a good hybrid calorie counter app because it’s built towards counting calories and also providing good exercises and workout schedules. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or put on muscle, your diet is extremely important. You need to be eating the right things in the right portions in order to reach your goals as efficiently and quickly as possible. MyFitnessPal is a very popular calorie counter app for its many functions and features that allow it to be both precise and easy to use. It has a number of great features including a resource for recipes to try when looking to change up your diet. It also has preset “plans’ that you can choose based on your level of fitness and current fitness goals. The plan has a set of “tasks” that you try to complete through the day that will help you reach the goal of that set plan; for example: “Pick 5 fruits, 5 vegetables, and 2-3 pre- or probiotic foods to eat throughout this plan.” This application is great when looking for calorie counter apps to help in your goal to lose weight!

4. Calorie Counter – EastFit Free App

EasyFit Free is a great app to use as a calorie counter as it has a very simplistic look and is easy to use. After installing you just need to set up your “paramaters” as in your height, weight, etc. then you’re ready to start inputting your foods. If you can’t find the specific meal you had you have the option to “create food” although that might require using one of the websites listed above in order to calculate the calories and nutrition facts of the meal. Once you figure all that out though you get a full rundown on your calorie intake for the day so you can easily track how much you’ve eaten and how much you have left to “spend” in terms of calories for the remainder of the day. A great calorie counter that’s clean-looking and free to install!

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5. My Diet Coach App

My Diet Coach is a free calorie counter app that is great for losing weight. It’s got lots of different features including a fitness “diary” for you to input messages and records for the day. It has a food diary section with a calorie counter to track your meals. It also has a weight tracker where you can “log your weight” whenever you experience some weight loss (or weight gain). The app gives you a little “good job for losing x pounds!” which is nice and reassuring. You set a fitness goal of losing x number of pounds then you can set up daily reminders so you get a notification on your phone reminding you to watch what you eat because you’re trying to lose weight! It’s a great, free app that works as a great calorie counter as well as a fitness motivator!

What are you favorite calorie counter apps or websites to use when losing weight? Share them in the comments!

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