12 Easy-Breezy Morning Hairstyles

To some, morning hairstyles are the bane of their existence. Others manage to get it right without complaint. These twelve hairstyles will hopefully convert those too groggy to style their hair to boss babes who seem to have it all. Low-effort for maximum output is obviously the goal when it comes to styling your hair in the morning.

1. Hair down

Brush the tangles out of your hair, and let it do whatever it wants. That’s it. Not styling your hair is a valid option. It’s current year. You can obviously still tweak your hair a little if you prefer. Try straightening it before you go to sleep so that it’s somewhat manageable in the morning. Or slick some product into to give it more lustre or body. It depends on how many f***s you give when you wake up in the morning.

morning hairstyles

2. Sleek low-pony

Known as a look that young sailors would sport in some kind of 18th century, swashbuckling adventure. Don’t let that put you off. Most people can pull this look off as long as they don’t start singing sea-shanties. And it’s so low effort, you could probably do it in your sleep. Just pull all your hair into a band at the base of your scalp. Brush back any fly-aways and set them down with hairspray.

Morning Hairstyles

3. Low bun

Another low-riding hairstyle is a low bun; the slightly fancier sister to the sleek low-pony. Essentially, do all of the same steps, but take your ponytail and twist it until it becomes tight. Then, wind this around the headband that’s already in place until it makes a bun. Instead of hair-spraying the fly-aways, you can choose to leave them down to frame your face.

Morning Hairstyles

4. Looped bun

Too indecisive to choose between a bun or a ponytail? Or maybe the low bun is just too much effort and you think you’ll get tired halfway through. Here is the easy morning hairstyle for you. Instead of pulling your hair into a ponytail at the bottom of your head, go a little higher up. Then, as you’re pulling your hair through the band judge when it is secure enough to not fall out. Then, pull the ponytail out halfway and then leave it there.

Morning Hairstyles

5. Half up, half down

Maybe your indecisive between letting your hair down and a ponytail. Would you believe there is a hairstyle for that too? After brushing out your hair, separate the top section. Secure the top of your hair with a headband, pulling the ponytail through. Bada-bing, bada-boom, you’ve found yourself another easy morning hairstyle.

Morning Hairstyles

6. Top-knot

Wait a second, you’re still too indecisive to pick one of the above morning hairstyles? Try the top-knot. It’s a half up-do, but instead of a ponytail, you make a bun at the top of your head. As with the half up-do, take the top section, only now twist it into a bun. Secure with a headband, scrunchie, or ribbon.

Morning Hairstyles

7. High bun

So, you like having a bun at the top of your head, but wish it was bigger than a top-knot? Once you’ve brushed your hair, pull all your hair to the top of your head (sometimes it’s easier if you just tip your head upside-down instead). Secure with a headband, then twist your hair into a high-bun. Secure with another headband for a cute morning hairstyle (and don’t forget to stand right ways up again, sleepy-head.)

Morning Hairstyles

8. 90’s High Pony

That’s right, we’ve run out of buns. But achieving a fluffy, voluminous ponytail on the top of your head is a similar process to a high bun. Brush your hair to the top of your head and secure with velvet scrunchie so that your hair will truly scream ‘nineties kid’. (Though not literally. That would be terrifying, and it is way too early in the morning for that kind of nonsense.)

Morning Hairstyles

9. Headbands

Sick of pulling your hair this-way and that with ponytails? Do you also hate having to blow it out of your face if it’s not restrained? Here’s the most low-effort hairstyle for this particular conundrum. Use a headband to keep fly-aways and your fringe out of your eyes. You’re welcome.

Morning Hairstyles

10. Side-braid

Have you lost your fidget spinner, but crave something to keep your fingers occupied? Another morning hairstyle is here to save the day again. Pull your hair over to one side so it’s easier for you to reach. Divide your hair into three sections, then carefully interweave the strands by bringing them to the middle and out again. Once you’ve completed as much as you can, tie it off with a band.

Morning Hairstyles

11. Side ponytail

You like the look of the side-braid, but your hands aren’t dexterous enough because you just woke up? There’s a solution for that as well. Pull your hair to the nape of your neck and tie off with a band. Then, pull your hair over one shoulder. Try to balance the look with a side-part and fringe as well.

Morning Hairstyles

12. Middle part with Bobby Pins

If in doubt, throw bobby pins at the problem. It goes away almost every time without fail. Just try not to set-off any metal detectors.

Morning Hairstyles

What morning hairstyle do you usually wear? Comment below.

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