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Easy Boho Hairstyles For Short Hair

Easy Boho Hairstyles For Short Hair

Easy Boho Hairstyles For Short Hair

Sometimes it can be hard to find hairstyles that work well with your length of hair. Especially with short hair, there are so many styles that are unable to be done. Even a basic ponytail can prove to be a challenge for us short-haired girls.

To make your life a bit easier, I have compiled a list of boho hairstyles that ensure you will have a great hair day.

1. Pulled Back Dutch Braid

This is as easy as they come! If you are in a rush, but need your hair to look cute- this is perfect. You can do this with straight, curly, or wavy hair.


Simply do a dutch braid on a front section of hair on either side of your head. A dutch braid is when you pull the strands under each other, rather than over. This leaves the braid with a 3D effect, rather than laying flat against your hair.

Braid the section until you have reached the back of your head. You can pull the braid apart gently to give the braid a thicker and messier look.  Secure with bobby pins.


2. Sassy Wrapped Half-Up

This is another quick, adorable look you can do if you are running late to get out of the door!

Section off the top section of hair starting at your temples. Brush the hair into a half-up/half-down style to ensure that there are no awkward bumps or misplaced hairs. Secure with a hair elastic.

Take a small section of hair from underneath the half-up that you just secured. Wrap this section around the elastic and bobby pin down. This way not only is you hair-tie hidden, but your style looks like you put so much work and effort, when you really didn’t!


3. Three Section Pull-Back

This one is one of the easiest boho hairstyles you can find! You can do this look if you don’t have a mirror near you and just want your hair to stop hanging in your face- especially with the summer heat approaching.

Pull 3 sections of hair, one from both sides of your face, and one from the back center. Begin to braid these pieces together in the back of your head. Once you have braided as much as you can, secure with a hair tie.

If you want a messier look, you can pull some pieces out in the front to frame your face or pull the braid apart in the back.


4. French Twist Half-Up/Half-Down

This look takes a bit more time than the other boho hairstyles mentioned, but it looks gorgeous when it’s finally complete.

Take a small section of hair from the bit that frames your face. Separate the section into 2 pieces. Wrap the sections around each other two times. Once you have completed that, grab another section of hair and incorporate it the bottom section of the twist you had just created.


If that is hard to understand, imagine how you add pieces of hair to a french braid. That is what you’re doing, just with the bottom section of the twist!

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Continue twisting and adding more sections until you have reached about the top of your ear. You can then twist normally, without adding in new sections.


You can choose to stop with one twist, and secure with bobby pins. However, if you choose to do another twist on the other side, be sure to have the twists meet in the back of your head. Secure with a hair elastic.

5. Scarf Headband

If you don’t have time for the braids or twists involved in the previous boho hairstyles mentioned, have no fear. Hair accessories are coming to your rescue.


You can purchase hair scarves at places like Forever21, Etsy, or even Amazon. They are a super cute trend, and inexpensive. These scarves come in so many different patterns and colors- so you are sure to find one that you love.

To create this effortless look, you can have straight hair or a bit of curl. Simply wrap the scarf around your head and knot at the top. Pull a few strands from the front to create a messier/sexier look.

And just like that- your hair is transformed from drab to fab.


Have you tried any of these styles before? Let us know how they turned out!

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