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7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

Day Trips, 7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

It’s summer here in Boston and chances are you and your friends are looking for something fun to do or an exciting day trip to plan so you can spend some time exploring the city you love most! If you don’t have any ideas off the top of your head, don’t worry, that’s what we are here for! Here are some of our favorite day trips that you have to try if you are living in or visiting the Boston area! We promise you will have a blast going on these trips that are easy to plan and super fun to participate in!

1. Visit the New England Aquarium

No matter how old you are, aquariums are always intriguing and exciting places to spend the day at–especially the New England Aquarium located at 1 Central Wharf in Boston, MA! This site makes for a perfect day trip since it is easy to get to and easy to get in to. Walk through the seal and penguin exhibits and immerse yourself in the unique, aquatic world that exists right before your eyes in the giant ocean tank! We promise this day trip will have you coming back for round two so you can dive in all over again!

7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

2. Franklin Park Zoo

Like the aquarium, going to the zoo is another worthwhile experience for anyone and everyone. Lucky for all you Bostonians out there, the Franklin Park Zoo is just a short 25-minute car ride from the city! On your day trip here you will be able to spend the day marveling some beautiful, exotic animals! We bet you didn’t know there were lions living in your city, so go check them out!

7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

3. Go to Red Sox game or tour Fenway Park

Fenway Park is a must-see when you are in Boston! If the Red Sox are in town and have a home game, you should definitely get tickets and go to watch! The stadium is electric, interactive and exciting making for a great experience whether you like baseball or not! Also, don’t forget to get your very own Fenway Frank while you are there! If you are visiting on a day when the Sox aren’t playing, don’t worry because you can still pop in for a tour of the park and see one of Boston’s most well-known landmarks! 

7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

4. Take a stroll down Newbury Street

If you are into shopping and want to see one of the nicer parts of Boston, Newbury Street is the place for you! Take a day walking from end to end and back on the other side and pop into as many stores are your heart desires! This day trip will give you the freedom to shop and eat wherever and whenever you want, so it is up to you to make it a great! 

7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

5. Explore Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall is one of Boston’s most famous spots and definitely one that makes for a great day trip experience! Walk down the promenade and explore the three historic buildings in the area! If you are looking to shop or eat, there are many great options! You are also bound to see at least one street performance going on, so take a break from walking and watch if you are interested! 

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7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

6. Visit the North End and stop by Mike’s Pastry 

If you love Italian food and you are looking for some in Boston, your best bet is to go to Boston’s Little Italy, better known as the North End! Explore the narrow streets, the historic sites as well as some of the oldest buildings to exist in the city! And, don’t forget to stop by the famous Mike’s Pastry for a cannoli or two before your day trip in the North End is over! We promise both your heart and stomach will be fulfilled after this experience!

7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

7. Go on a Duck Boat Tour 

This tour which is original and unique to Boston is arguably one of the top things you should do if you visit! You only have to experience it once since it is definitely an experience you will never forget. Drive around the city streets, then splash into the Boston harbor all on the same vehicle–the best of both worlds! We promise this will make for a great day trip if you want to experience Boston to the fullest!

7 Easy And Fun Day Trips In And Around Boston

Which of these Boston day trips are you thinking about planning now that you have read this list? Let us know and comment below!

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