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15 Easy And Affordable Ways To Redecorate Your Space

15 Easy And Affordable Ways To Redecorate Your Space

15 Easy And Affordable Ways To Redecorate Your Space

Looking at the same things day after day can become super boring and uninspiring, but sometimes when you’re on a budget it can be difficult to satisfy the desire to change up your space. However, no matter what budget you have, there are some super easy and affordable ways to redecorate your space.

1. Rearrange your furniture

The cheapest way to redecorate your space is by using what you have by rearranging it. This is also a great way to change up the energy in your space. Try moving your bed to another wall or see if your bookshelf fits better in another room. If you live on your own, you can really move things around by taking things from your living room and bedroom and placing them into the other room.


2. Change your bedding

There’s nothing better than fresh bedding, and it just so happens that this is a great way to redecorate your space. Changing up your bedding can give your bedroom an entirely new look and feel. Your bed is really the main spot in your room, so why not start with it and see where that leads you?

3. Add a rug

Rugs add dimension and can help section off different aspects of your space. They can also add a lot of personality to a room, so they are a great item to focus on when redecorating your space. You can go for a tinner, natural fiber rug, or something super glam and plushy to really change up the style in your place.


4. Update your photos

One super easy and sometimes overlooked ways to redecorate is by simply updating the photos you have around your room or apartment. Maybe those Instagram photos from two years ago aren’t doing it for you anymore, or your mood board doesn’t fit your mood. Either way, it’s time to update your photos.

5. Add some throw pillows

Throw pillows are super fun and cozy, so why not add some, or add new ones? Utilize different textures and tones for a fun touch. I love using natural, canvas pillows alongside faux fur pillows.


6. Or get new covers for your throw pillows

Living in a small space can mean you lack storage, so maybe instead of buying new pillows, look online and in stores for some pillowcases to revamp the pillows you already have. Bonus points to those who make their own.

7. Get a cute basket to store your blankets in

Blankets make any room feel super cozy, but usually, they’re away in a closet. Why not get a cute basket, roll or fold your blankets nicely, and store them in your living room or bedroom? It’s cute and functional, and your guests will appreciate not having to ask you for a blanket or having to awkwardly rummage through your space to find one.

8. Hang string lights

Need additional lighting but lacking on space, or just really love the feeling of Christmas lights twinkling? Hang some string lights! They make movie nights much cozier, create the perfect amount of light at night so you aren’t straining your eyes, and personally, they make every day feel like the most wonderful time of year.


9. Buy some removable wallpaper

If you live in a dorm or an apartment and you’re tired of the plain walls, this is a great way to change up your space. You can find removable wallpaper online and even at Target so it’s not too hard to get a design that fits your style. This could be a bit tricky to put up as you’ll need to be super strategic to put it up perfectly, but if you have the time and patience to make it work, this would be an amazing way to redecorate your space!

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10. Refresh your space with some new decor items

Go to any home decor stores you like and find new pieces to add to your space. Or maybe find new items to replace old ones that you’ve outgrown. Recently I got a new bin to house my electronic cords because the old was was pretty worn out and it gave my bookshelf a completely different look.

11. Buy some new towels for your bathroom and kitchen

If you don’t think new linens will do much to change up your space, I strongly suggest you try it. Replace your old, stained or holey towels with fresh ones, maybe change up the color in the process. You could even store them in a different way, maybe on a different shelf or in a bin like the blankets mentioned earlier.


12. Add some plants to your space

Plants add so much to any space they are in – not just cleaner air, though that is always a bonus. You can hang them from the ceiling, on the wall, place them on tables or sent them on the floor, so you really can’t go wrong. If you don’t have a green thumb or good lighting where you live, get some fake ones! They’ll work just as well.

13. Or get new planters!

New planters can make all the difference, trust me. My apartment with from boho to industrial basically just by getting new planters and pots for my plants.

14. Add some mirrors – or play around with where you place the mirrors you have

Mirrors add so much light to whatever room they are in and make the room feel much larger. So next time you’re out, consider bringing home a mirror, or if you already have some, try placing them in new places in your home.


15. Hang curtains

Curtains are a super simple way to add to your space. Living in an apartment, that’s one thing I have yet to do. But! By adding curtains, you can really dress up your space and give your windows a touch of personality.

What tips do you have for redecorating? Will you use any of these the next time you feel your place needs a bit of freshening up? If so, let us know in the comments!

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