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15 Easy AF Ways To Save Money This Summer

Summer is finally here, and everyone is eager to get out and celebrate. However, the seemingly simplistic season can rack up a lot of spending. Although the good life can get expensive, there are many simple switches that can save you tons while having fun. So keep reading to learn 15 easy ways to save money this summer!

1. Instead of dining out, have a BBQ with friends.

One of the simplest way to budget is avoiding the bill at the end of a meal. Invite your best buds, ask them each to bring a little something, and have a blast in your backyard. You can wear whatever you want, blast your summer Spotify playlist, and pay next to nothing.

2. Skip the spa and opt for a DIY mani pedi.

I love looking down at my toes and admiring the glossy lacquer amidst the sand. Honestly though, with all of the activities that summer entails, any pedicure is going to fade fast. Salon prices are very steep, so pull out your beauty bag and paint those piggies yourself! Or have a slightly more careful/artistic friend come over and give you one. Instead of two crisp twenties, you’ll only have to pay her in snacks.

3. Don’t blow $20 on a trendy smoothie bowl, make one at home!

Everyone wants a bright and beautiful acai bowl pic to healthify their Insta feed. Those trendy treats can cost A LOT, and are simple to make at home! Food art is the tastiest kind. Grab some frozen berries, a milk of choice, and get creative with the toppings. Coconut shavings? Granola? Goji berries? The choices are endless, and in the end you will have a photogenic and delicious meal and the tools to make many more.

4. You don’t need to travel far to switch things up and have a good time!

Plane tickets for summer getaways and even gas for lengthy road trips can break the bank. Be a tourist in your own city, or explore a new area near you. Chances are you’ll find some hidden gems and have a blast.

5. Pick up odd jobs for a few extra bucks.

In summertime, lots of little tasks tend to pop up. Water a neighbor’s plant while they are away, walk a cute puppy, or nanny for a family friend. At the end of the season, you’ll hopefully have accrued some extra cash.

6. Instead of a pricey night out watching the latest blockbuster, curl up at home for a #tbt.

Going out to watch a film can be fun, but all the movies in theaters now will be on Amazon in a month or two, right? Instead of shelling out $15 (or more, if the Junior Mints are calling your name), keep on your sweats, grab a blanket, text a buddy, and watch a classic favorite. Disney movies and childhood flicks are always crowd pleasers.

7. Skip dinner, go out for dessert.

For another food related tip, choose to eat a sweet treat out on the town and have your dinner at home. This is a healthy habit (three bites of gelato over a large restaurant meal saves many unwanted calories) and your wallet will thank you.

8. Search the sales section when purchasing a swimsuit.

Aside from the cuteness factor, expensive swimwear doesn’t offer anything special. Most bikinis only last for one or two seasons, despite their price tags. Before shelling out $100 for the latest look, peruse the clearance section. You might score a suit under ten or twenty dollars.

9. Skip the $30 spin class and go on a hike with friends, run through your neighborhood, or complete a few exercise videos online.

There are a million non-gym options that don’t cost a thing. Taking your friends along adds that accountability element classes offer. Staying fit can be free!

10. Keep up with your coffee addiction while avoiding the high Starbucks prices; make a delicious cold brew at home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Starbucks. The drinks are consistent, the atmosphere is sophisticated, and the frappuccino flavors are highly amusing. The price tag is not as nice. Even just limiting your Starbucks intake this summer will be a huge saver, and at-home coffee can be great! Perfectly caffeinated indulgence at the right price.

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11. Don’t underestimate drugstores and dollar sections.

A lot of summer needs can be found in the discount sections of stores like target. Before heading straight for the full price summer section, check out the $1 water bottles and sunglasses. You might just save half of what you would have spent. Just beware of impulse buys.

12. Skip the full price shops and instead spend an afternoon thrifting.

Once you see the prices of thrift shop apparel, it is hard to go back to regular retail. Shopping at consignment stores saves a LOT of cash, and it feels so satisfying to find a treasure that you can actually afford!

13. Keep your Instagram feed and wallet happy at the same time.

Insta bloggers will tell you to go out and buy a $75 circular towel or swan pool floaty. But not true! Just post other types of cute pics, like you and your best friends at a bonfire or a homemade Fourth of July fruit skewer. Those things you “need” aren’t practical for you to blow your whole paycheck on, and may spark regrets down the line.

14. DIY “summer beauty staples”.

Sea salt spray, hydrating face mask, bath bomb, body scrub, etc. Sephora carries all of these items, sure. Before dashing to the mall, take to Pinterest and try a DIY. It may be a bust, or you might save tons and amp up your beauty routine simultaneously.

15. Pack a bag!

A day outing can quickly become a money black hole. Realistically, you will get hungry, thirsty, or need to reapply your sunscreen while away from home. Take a page out of the Boy Scout handbook and leave the house prepared with all the essentials.

It can be easy to drop $5 on a grande soy latte (which, yes, tastes delicious). Whenever you feel the urge to splurge, picture what you hope to buy with all of your saved cash. Maybe the latest laptop or a vacation abroad? Budgeting can be a drag, but with these tips in tow, saving might actually make this summer an unforgettable one!

This is 15 easy AF ways to save money this summer! Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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