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Easy AF Dishes To Bring to Friendsgiving

Easy AF Dishes To Bring to Friendsgiving

Easy AF Dishes To Bring to Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is that time of year where you can escape your family to enjoy an untraditional Thanksgiving feast! But people can take their Friendsgiving feasts very seriously. So, to help with that, here are some easy dishes you can prepare for your next Friendsgiving gathering!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip (With Chips!)

A great appetizer to bring to any Friendsgiving function, spinach and artichoke dip requires little ingredients and can be done in less than an hour. Any social gathering at all is always going to have chips, so might as well take advantage of that constant! 

The overall budget needed to prepare this appetizer is cheap, given you only need around 8 ingredients. Just mix your ingredients for around 20 minutes, then let your oven do the rest of the work. Please don’t forget the chips! You make the dip, you bring the chips!

Easy AF Dishes To Bring to Friendsgiving


Look, Friendsgiving is an informal tradition. This literally ain’t your dad’s Thanksgiving, folks. So take advantage of that fact and bring over some nachos! They’re hot, they’re delicious, and more importantly, they’re easy to make. They’re great start-off appetizers for when everyone is still setting up the main feast and eating area. Perfect to distract your hunger!


Buttered, fluffy biscuits are a staple appetizer at any restaurant and Friendsgiving folks have picked up on this. Thanksgiving feasts are incomplete without this side piece! Biscuits are always always always going to be involved Friendsgiving because of how natural and easy they come together. If you’re making biscuits, make sure you bake a lot of them because of their popularity and quickness to eat leave them a temporary delicacy.

Easy AF Dishes To Bring to Friendsgiving


Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie, so many pies! Not enough time! Well, actually, there is enough time. Most pies are simple and easy to either make or purchase at the store. Everyone loves some form of pie or another, and there’s no better time to exercise that craving than Friendsgiving! 

You can make/buy multiple pies if you really wanna be the “pie guy/gal” of Friendsgiving. Bring extra toppings in small containers for your friends to customize their own slice!

Mac And Cheese Anything

You really want to assert your dominance? Bring mac and cheese. We assume the majority of people even having a Friendsgiving are between college-aged or post-college. It’s around this period that people’s craving for macaroni and cheese spike up immensely, for whatever odd reason.

Macaroni and cheese is fun, easy, and can be done relatively quickly. Plus, it can be a really flexible dish, mixing with additional ingredients you’re up to adding!

Easy AF Dishes To Bring to Friendsgiving


Many casseroles are easy to prepare, easy to make, and easy on the wallet. They’re a reliant side dish that absolutely kills at Friendsgiving gatherings. Stuff ’em with chicken, spinach, tuna, cheese, potato, you name it! It is a highly customizable dish that can be multi-purposed for everyone’s taste buds! 

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

On the opposite end of the maturity spectrum from macaroni are the greens and veggies portion of the dietary commodities. Brussel sprouts, in particular, can be a wonderful offering for Friendsgiving if you’re a green-lover or vegetarian-considerate. Your dish’s popularity will vary depending on your friend crowd, but more often than not, brussel sprout recipes of any kind will always be appreciated.

Easy AF Dishes To Bring to Friendsgiving

Chicken Breast

A little boring, but, this list is about easy dishes, not entertaining ones. Chicken entrees seem to go well with almost every Thanksgiving dish this time of year. It’s a simple and safe option to go with if you find yourself undependable enough to whip up something more special or time-consuming.

Garlic Bread

Eating lots of bread this time of year is an understandable decision. But if you do decide to pass up some doughy deliciousness, garlic bread, in particular, is too good to pass up! Garlic bread can be cooked up rather quickly in short of 20 minutes or less. Bring garlic bread and be loved by your friends. It’s no mystery why there’s never enough garlic bread for everyone.

Easy AF Dishes To Bring to Friendsgiving

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Cranberry Sauce

A no-brainer, cranberry cause is among the inevitable constants of any legit November feast, alongside turkey, mashed potato, and gravy. It takes less than an hour and with minimal ingredients. Not as messy as you think and you will save countless of other food items brought to Friendsgiving that required your cranberry sauce! Mmm, yes, please!

Cream Corn

Talk about a fixture of warm comfort food, creamed corn is a soft and flavorful dish. Added with bacon and it has a nice crunchy contrast. A very fulfilling and warm-hearted food item that will make your Friendsgiving feast look legitimate and not something hobbled together.

It’s a cozy dish that invokes a primal tenderness… or maybe this writer just really loves cream corn. Either way, it’s easy to make, so consider this dish!

Easy AF Dishes To Bring to Friendsgiving


Muffins are fluffy treats made with soft, puffy dough and sprinkled with extra seasonal flavoring. No wonder they are holiday desserts! They are super simple to make, very easy to carry, and wise investment because their ingredients are so cheap!

Or, if you so desire, just go to your local supermarket or grocery store and just buy ’em from there! You won’t be able to customize them as you’d like if you buy them already made, but at least you’ll be bringing something!


Cookies are so ingrained as a dessert staple in American culture that they’ve branched out into different, delectable niches. Sugar cookies, wheat cookies, chocolate chip, macadamia, vegan, you name it! They’re an enticing and welcoming baked good that satisfy every age, from small children to even the wisened.

Cookies are available everywhere because of this likability. They’re very easy to find, homemade or storebought. Cookie ingredients are even packaged together. If you decide to bake them, they are a fast item to prepare and finish in time for your Friendsgiving!

What do you have planned for your next Friendsgiving? Got any suggestions to easily serve? Leave a comment down below to share your recipes!

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