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Easter Nail Designs That Will Have You Hopping Mad

Easter Nail Designs That Will Have You Hopping Mad

Easter is right around the corner, so it’s time to have some nails to match! There are so many Easter nail designs to choose from making it difficult to decide which one is best for you. Don’t stress! We’ve got you covered. Here are our top ten Easter nail designs to stay on trend this spring!

1. Pastels

The first and most obvious of the Easter nail designs is the simple pastel color palette. If you love to keep it simple and aren’t really into any actual designs on your nails then this is the safe and adorable Easter option for you! Pastels will always be an Easter and springtime favorite so it’s a great way to be in the spirit of the holiday without being over the top or doing something you normally wouldn’t do. If you really want to keep it safe, you can just do a baby pink. 


2. Easter Egg Design

Here’s the absolute classic of Easter nail designs; the Easter egg design. This is a great way to get into the Easter spirit and really have some fun with it. This is especially fun because you have the opportunity to customize each nail with a different design and color. The Easter egg nail design will surely be a compliment getter, and it’s a good way to display your playful side and let your personality shine through. The combinations you can make with this design are endless, so you can have fun with it and make it your own!


3. Abstract Pastel 

If you really want to stay on the modern trends but also want to include an element of the spring season and Easter holiday, then this is one of the most perfect Easter nail designs for you! It’s a simplistic design that incorporates a pastel color to make it an Easter favorite. You can play around with this and make it your own by choosing the color and design, but remember the whole point of this is to make it as minimal as possible. If you want to be as on-trend as possible, we recommend a sage green color as pictured below. It’s a neutral and chic version of pastel!


4. Flowers 

This Easter nail design is for all my girly girls! This is perfect if you want your nails to look dainty and cute. A flower design has always been a staple for nails, so this is a great way to stick to a classic and not really do anything that’s too out of the box. With that being said, this is an amazing way to really get into the spirit of the Easter holiday. The season is all about everything blooming and coming back to life, and what better way to signify that than to have literal blooming flowers on your nails?

5. Bunny Accent 

This may seem pretty obvious, but having a bunny accent on your nail could be one of the most perfect Easter nail designs this season. If you’re someone who wants to have fun with your nails but not do too much, then having this cute accent nail could be perfect for you! We love how the design below is a pastel nail color with the bunny design on the ring finger. The simplistic bunny and the diamond tail are the cherry on top!


6. Accent Nail 

Just like with the bunny accent nail, any type of accent nail will take your nails to the next level. If the bunny is a little too out of your comfort zone, maybe try opting for something more simple as pictured below. These nails are a pastel yellow with a simple quilted design on the ring finger that makes them look so chic. You can do anything you want for an accent nail, even by just adding some sparkles or painting one nail a different color. Play around with it and make it your own!


7. French Tip 

Where are all my classic ladies at? One thing to always remember is that the french tip never goes out of style! It’s always been on-trend and will always be classy. With that being said, there are so many ways you can do a french tip nail. We are loving the almond nail trend currently, and this almond french tip is literally to die for!

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8. Almond Shape 

Continuing on the theme of almond nails, this is the hottest nail shape of this year. The almond shape elongates your fingers and makes them look more dainty. It’s a nail shape that has just been popularized recently with many celebrities sporting it like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. We think it’s a great time to play around with the shape. So whatever nail design or color you like to get, try doing an almond shape. We promise you’ll love it!

9. Polka Dot 

Polka dots have always been one of the staple Easter nail designs. It’s simple and cute, and it really adds a lot to a classic mani. We think this neutral pink color with a pop of white polka dots is a really great and subtle way to have polka dots. If you’ve been looking for a simple design to have on an accent nail, polka dots would be a great option. 


10. Every Nail A Different Color 

If you aren’t really into any actual nail designs, having each nail a different color would be a good option for you. It’s simple, fun, and very easy to do with the pastel color palette to stay on trend for Easter and spring. Below is an example of this nail style with all pastel colors. We think this is simple, cute, and cohesive. If pastels aren’t your thing, you could even do this with nude/brown colors and it would look so chic and very modern. Either way, we love it!


Which nail trend will you be hopping on this easter? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to save and share this article for future reference!

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