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5 Of The Easiest Yet Most Thoughtful Date Ideas

There are a lot of date ideas out there that will make your loved one feel special and loved. Coming up with a simple plan can prove to be very thoughtful and memorable if you keep it simple and make it easy for yourself as the planner. If you want to plan the perfect date that your partner will remember, but you have limited time and resources, here are 5 easy and thoughtful date ideas!

1. Go back to the first place you met

Talk about easy! Just hop in your car and spend the day at or walk around the place where you two first met. Whether it be at a school, a coffee shop or a bar you can make the most of your time together in the place where your journey started! Your stroll down memory lane together will remind you both how important you are to one another. We promise, this date idea is definitely thoughtful and easy for that matter!

2. Watch the sunset or sunrise at the beach together

Chasing the sunset never gets old! Why not chase it with the one you love most! Sunsets are naturally romantic and allow you and your partner to either sit in sleepy silence or talk about whatever pops up while also enjoying each others company and the view. You can also bring snacks or create your own little picnic at the beach while you sit and wait for the sun. 

3. Surprise them with their favorite lunch at work

This date idea is very thoughtful and simple, it only requires either preparing their favorite meal after they leave for work or picking it up from their favorite restaurant. Delivering it directly to them at work will have all of their coworkers jealous and wishing they were dating someone like you! If they aren’t busy, you could even show up to their work and treat them to a lunch date just down the street, or you could surprise them by telling some of their coworkers before hand and have them help you plan it out!

4. Fill your car with pillows and blankets and go stargazing

If you and your partner have a car, a few pillows and some comfy blankets, this date should be very easy! Fill the backseat with all of your comfiest belongings and go for a drive listening to your favorite music before you park the car in a secret spot and stare at the stars! Bring some food with you for a little makeshift picnic and make this date night one you will never forget! We promise your partner will be blown away with how thoughtful this date idea is!

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5. Order pizza in and watch your favorite childhood movies… marathon style

This one may be the easiest of them all, but it is still extremely romantic and thoughtful! Light some candles and order your favorite pizzas to your door and you will be set for the night! Make sure you are both comfortable and can cuddle as soon as the movie comes on. First watch your favorite childhood movie that you haven’t seen in years, then watch your partners and keep switching off! This date idea can last for as short or long of a time as you guys want and is completely tailored to your desires. Talk about easy, but also thoughtful as it reminds you guys of your childhoods while also giving each other a little glimpse into one another past! You will both love this one!

Comment below which of these date ideas you are going to try out next with your partner in crime!

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