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10 Easiest Classes To Take At UC Davis

10 Easiest Classes To Take At UC Davis

While it is important to work hard in college, there is no harm in wanting to take a class for the easy A.  Just to clarify, you still learn valuable information in the easiest classes, but they are considerably easier to get good grades in than your average class.  As a student at UC Davis, I will go over some of the easiest classes that I have taken or heard about.

1. NUT 10V

This introductory nutrition class is widely known to be one of the easiest classes at UC Davis because it is online.  NUT 10v is a great class for non-STEM majors to take because it is considerably easy and can fulfill your science general education requirements.

The material learned is actually very useful and applicable to life.  We all eat and want to be healthier, so this class will allow you to look at your diet with a scientific perspective.

The course itself contains a lot of extra credit opportunities, which add up if you do them all.  And the major assignments are of course midterm exams and finals, which you have to do online using a proctor system.  Aside from that, there is a cumulative diet project, which is not too hard but simply requires time to complete.  There are periodic chapter quizzes, but they are usually based on lecture questions and can be used in midterms and finals.

Since NUT 10v is online, it is actually a double-edged sword.  Many students forget about the class and slack since it has a reputation for being easy and online, and suffer as a result.  This class is easy, all you need to do is just stay on top of your work and watch the video lectures and you will succeed.

10 Easiest Classes To Take At UC Davis

2. CHI 023

This is a lower division Chicano studies class that is offered here at UC Davis.  It has to do with qualitative research methods, which is essentially interviewing and observation.  CHI 023 is a very interesting class because it gives you the qualitative side of research which we don’t usually talk about in school.

The class consists of a midterm, a thirty-minute presentation, and a transcription of an interview.  While the thirty-minute interview sounds scary, it is fine because it is a group assignment.  The initial fifteen minutes are a normal presentation, and then the last 15 minutes are a game like Jeopardy.

The only considerably hard thing about this class is showing up.  This is because attendance is counted every class and graded, so if you do not show up your grade will suffer.

3. FST 003

This food studies class is the introduction to brewing and beer.  While it does require some actual studying, the content itself is interesting enough to where almost all students find the class easy.  In the end, you do brew your own beer, so it makes for a very fun and interesting class and lecture.

Since many colleges do not offer brewing classes, make sure to take advantage of this class while attending UC Davis.  It is a rare chance to see how beer is actually made and get college credit for it too.

10 Easiest Classes To Take At UC Davis

4. GEL 025

This class is about the Geology of National Parks.  It is widely known as a great GE class to take in order to get easy units.  Besides NUT 10v, this is one of the easier classes to get your science general education requirements met.

5. FMS 001

This is the introductory class to film studies.  Like the title of the class, you essentially watch and learn about films in the context of history, society, and culture.  For any film buffs, this is the class for you.  This class is another great general education class because it fulfills your visual literacy requirement.

However, attendance for this class is important, because you need to watch the films in order to do well in the class.

6. HIS 111

This upper-division history class is about ancient history.  However, due to this being a history class, there is a large amount of reading and memorization required in this class.

If you are one of those students who are great at memorization and reading, then this class is a great option for you.  Many students think that this class is also great for boosting your GPA.  With effort, this class is definitely easy in terms of material.

10 Easiest Classes To Take At UC Davis

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7. SOC 124

This class is called “Education and Inequality within the United States” and is seen by many students as a super interesting upper-division class.  It is all about how the education system in the United States is designed in response to societal factors.

Many students find this class mind-blowing because you finally learn why school is the way that it is.  And it can validate or explain some of the experiences that you have had in the American education system.

10 Easiest Classes To Take At UC Davis

8. ABT 049

This class is entitled “Field Equipment Operation.”  Essentially in this class, you learn how to drive tractors.  Yes, you get academic credit for driving a tractor.  But that’s not all, you also learn about methods of harvesting and about the agricultural scene of California’s central valley.

Since UC Davis is an agricultural school, this is one of the easiest classes that you have to take to get the full UC Davis experience.

10 Easiest Classes To Take At UC Davis

9. VEN 003

This is the winemaking class everyone talks about.  Another great aspect of going to an agricultural school is that you get to make all kinds of beverages for college credit.

This is one of the easiest classes because it is so informational and interesting.  You learn how to make wine, but also how it is judged and the health effects.  After taking this class you can go wine tasting and sound like an expert!

10. FST 10

This class is entitled “Food, Folklore, and Health” which on its own sounds amazing.  In the class, you get to learn about the properties of modern food, and their relation to culture in a scientific lens.  Once again this is considered one of the easiest classes to take for general education requirements, so if you enjoy food then take this class!

What classes are you going to register for now?  If you know of any easy classes at UC Davis that are not included here, then make sure to comment below!

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