The 10 Easiest Classes At UVM

Want to know which are the easiest classes at UVM? You can find all the easiest classes at UVM in this article. Here are the top 10 easiest classes at UVM!

Let’s face it: college classes are difficult. And with a sleep schedule, social life, dorm room and extracurricular life to maintain alongside them, the average college student’s life is often much more challenging than even some adults’. No matter where you go, you’re going to want a simpler class to lighten your workload, right? Well get ready Catamounts, cause this article is all about the easiest classes at UVM that’ll do just that.

1. BIOL 004 – The Human Body

If you’re desperately searching through your schedule for an easy natural science class, then consider taking this one. It’s only offered in the fall, but if you need that credit, then it’s worth the wait. This is one of the easiest classes at UVM which ultimately amounts to a lecture hall in which you come to class, take notes, take some tests and that’s it. All it boils down to is attendance and memorization. On top of that, there’s also an online lab portion available for anyone who needs lab credit as well. So overall it’s a win-win! Be prepared to wake up early though; class starts at 8:30 so get that coffee ready. But with an opportunity this good, it’ll definitely be worth it.

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2. SOC 001 – SU: Intro to Sociology

At the crossroads between politics, philosophy, humanities and the social sciences lies the field of Sociology. As it is intermingled with so many others, it’s often hard to explain without crossing into a subjective or unrelated subject matter. Luckily, the professors at UVM do their best to keep it as simple yet as ideologically diverse as possible while navigating this difficult topic. Of particular note is Professor Thomas Macias class, in which he highlights his own connections to sociology through his experience as a Mexican-American who lived in Arizona most of his life. Of course, if that’s not interesting to you, then his few tests and extra-credit assignments are a good enough reason too. An absolute must-take!

3. REL 020 – D2: Comparing Religions

You may feel that you’re untouched by religion but the world definitely isn’t! In this course, different religions (which depend on the professor) are used as case studies to discuss the true meaning of the word “religion” and what this category describes. If you’re at all interested in history, sociology, politics, GSWS, race & ethnic studies or geography, then they all make appearances in this class at one point to sign up! As long as you can memorise, you can take this class.

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4. MU 005 – D1: Intro to Jazz History

Want to hear some beautiful jazz tunes in one of the most beautiful academic halls on campus? Intro to Jazz History is not just wonderful, it’s extremely popular! Seriously, this class is known for filling up fast so get your fingers ready to register when you can. Despite the hype, at the end of the day, the class is about memorization and using your ear. So if you’re good at those things and you need some fine art credit, take a stab at this course.

5. GSWS 001 – Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies

Do you have an open mind? Are you fascinated by the way the social construct of gender works to shape our lives? Or are you a fervent youth activist looking to bone up on info you can use for discussions on feminism and trans rights issues? Look no further than this class. If you can put time into reading and writing a bit, you can pass it. And with a subject this fascinating, why not give it a shot?

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6. PEAC Classes

want to lose weight and attend one of the easiest classes at UVM? Take PEAC classes! Physical education classes often feel like they shouldn’t be offered past high school. Yet, they are available here as one-credit elective courses. Choose from a selection of yoga classes, cycling, tennis, kickboxing and many other types of physical activity. While they’re good for collecting credits, PEAC classes are also good ways to get exercise in your week when going to the fitness center is simply not practical. So give them a chance, why not?

7. STAT 051 – QR: Probability with Statistics

Lectures are sparse in this statistics class. You will more often be doing worksheets, graphing on your laptops or downloading data to them than listening to your professor’s voice. This gives it a hands-on feel that’s fitting for the topic and different compared to the average introductory course. And statistics is much better than algebra or calculus to fufill your mathematics credits, not to mention much more useful.

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8. VS 052 – Sustainable Vermont

What better thing to do than study the state you live in and take one of the easiest classes at UVM! The Vermont Studies program offers a way for students to get a natural, historical and geographical view of the area that couldn’t otherwise be seen without a class. As for Sustainable Vermont, it’s a three-credit course so as an elective it’s a bit hefty but if you’re interested and ready-to-learn, then give it a shot!

9. POLS 021 – American Political System

Not only is the American Political System something that one can learn about by just watching the news but, as one of the most immersive topics that can be offered in college, it is extremely useful. As long as you do your work and study, the class will go by fine. And have fun if your class takes place on the fifth floor of Old Mill; it has some of the most spectacular views on campus of College Street, Downtown Burlington and Lake Champlain!

Check out our selection of the easiest classes at UVM!

10. ENGS 057 – D1: Race & Ethnic Literature Studies: Intro

Literature classes at their base are all about reading so why not read things you rarely find elsewhere? In this Race and Ethnic studies class mixed with English, you get to read works from Native American, African and Caribbean authors and analyse them. Their messages may reveal a different side of literature than what you’d find in a more generic class. So crack a book open and have fun doing it too!

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