10 Easiest Classes At Columbia College Chicago

The courses are not only useful and practical in life, but also easy to manage and pass. Check out the top 10 easiest classes at Columbia College Chicago.

Given the fact that Columbia College of Chicago is one of the leading universities when it comes to the sheer variety of courses and options at hand, students tend to have trouble with choosing the right ones. The question is far more complex than it seems, and with graduation looming closer and closer, students are under pressure to decide what they want to do with their lives. So what are some of the courses that you should consider paying closer attention to when applying for the next semester at Columbia College in Chicago? Some of the courses are not only useful and practical in life, but also easy to manage and pass. Check out the top 10 easiest classes at Columbia College Chicago.

1. Critical Thinking.

As the name suggests, this course revolves around developing student’s ability to think critically. The trouble of many graduate students is that they are too subjective whenever they come across a personal or relatable topic or project. This course revolves around real world experience through case studies and projects groups and aims to solve exactly that. Critical Thinking is a must for anyone who considers themselves an academic citizen, and it’s something that you can easily develop and pass at Columbia College of Chicago.


2. The Art Of Pitching.

You will constantly have to “sell” something in life – whether it’s your life’s work or your personal experience as a professional. The sales skills are underdeveloped in so many graduates that it’s simply a must to take a course that works towards making it better. The Art Of Pitching is a course that revolves around practical exercises and study of sales – how to sell anything to anyone at any time. While it seems silly, you will notice how much sales you see around you on a daily basis. The course is very real-life oriented and easy to manage, making it a clear win-win choice for anyone who wants to stand out tomorrow.

3. Written Thesis.

You will often hear that professors complain about students who “can’t even write a proper thesis”. That is why Written Thesis is a course that revolves around studying how a proper thesis is set and written, and then developed into a cohesive research paper. It’s more complex than you might think at first, and that is why Columbia College of Chicago has a whole course dedicated to just that. While the course itself is fairly straightforward and easy to pass, you will need these skills if you ever think about pursuit an academic career in your life. There’s nothing worse than a professional graduate who can’t write a paper properly, and Written Thesis is all about that.


4. Ideation and Theme.

While the name might be vague, it’s certainly clear what the course is about. We often come across wonderful ideas that can seemingly change the world, but we have no way of putting them on paper – the words are just not there. Ideation and Theme is a course that aims to solve a problem and develop creative thinking and problem-solving. Students who take this course will have a lovely time exploring their minds and brainstorming throughout the semester – all while working their way to a certain and high grade at the end of it.


5. Business Writing.

Many students finish college without developing proper writing skills – this fact cannot be stressed enough. Business writing is a course that is focused on business writing and formatting in particular. It’s best for students who aim to develop legal and business skills and see themselves as a part of a large enterprise one day. Some freelancing students and individuals might want to attend the course as well. Checking out Get Academic Help will give you a clear sense of what business writing looks like in practice. The course is all about proper formatting and editing and it will help you greatly whatever career path you choose later on.



6. Peace Studies.

A course that stands out from the rest by offering the students a chance to learn more about themselves on a spiritual level. Peace Studies focuses on spirituality and the relation of an individual to their environment. It can help you not only get an easy credit boost to your overall score but also let you relax and find out more about how connected the world really is.

7. Fundraising.

You might not realize how important fundraising is as a skill. Whatever work you end up doing tomorrow, chances are that you will have to raise some money, sponsors or income sources down the line. Fundraising is a simple and practical course that focuses on all the ways an NGO can support itself without government funding. You will most likely work as a part of a small enterprise or even individually, and this course is a perfect way to find the ins and outs of fundraising in a controlled environment.


8. Text Analysis.

While some students may end up working as professors one day, others will likely work with papers at one point or another. Text Analysis is a course that lets you develop a strong analytical sense when it comes to reading any kind of texts. The course focuses on academic writing and pop-culture writing in books and magazines, giving you a clear indication of what works and what doesn’t. This course can also help you find a job placement or a calling fairly easily, considering the hands-on nature of the course.

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9. Western Humanities.

Whatever major you choose, it’s important to know where it all begins. While Columbia College of Chicago offers Asian Humanities as well, the Western ones are more influential in today’s modern business world. You can easily follow the course by learning more about history, philosophy, art and social developments over the centuries in a manageable way. The course itself isn’t as hard as it seems – it’s divided into clearly identifiable sections, each with its main point of interest and points from the professor. It’s the best balance of being easy and knowledgeable that the university has to offer.


10. Undergraduate Research Mentorship.

One of the most useful courses that you can take at Columbia College of Chicago is Undergraduate Research Mentorship. This course revolves around the self-explanatory task of doing a research paper or developing a thesis under the watchful guidance of your professor who serves as a mentor. This a great way to write one of your first official papers while also having someone to guide you along the way – a privilege that will rarely pop up again.



The Columbia College of Chicago offers a plethora of courses that are open to anyone who fits the credits criteria set by the university. While some courses may be harder than others, all of them are manageable and every one of them offers a new skill that you can develop along the way. Choose your courses wisely and always consult a senior or your professors – the right combination of useful and easy courses is waiting for just for you.


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