10 Earth Day Activities To Do With Your Family

Since it first began in 1970, the world has come together to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Our beautiful planet is facing more threats than ever before, from climate change, to deforestation, to air pollution. Earth Day is a day to raise awareness on these environmental issues and ways you can help, from recycling to renewable energy. There are many ways you can celebrate Earth Day, so we’ve created a list of just some of the Earth Day activities you can do with your family.

1. Discover your local community events

Earth Day is celebrated across the world, and there are always loads of events running. Check to see whether your local community has any events organised, such as festivals, clean-ups and markets. It’s a great way to get involved with your local community and find out what environmental issues are most important to the area.

2. Plant a tree

This is a simple and easy Earth Day activity you can do with your family at any time of the year, but it’s a beautiful symbolic gesture to do on Earth Day. With issues like deforestation and air pollution, the world needs more trees than ever. You can plant a tree in your own garden or find a community tree planting event in a nearby park.

10 Earth Day Activities To Do With Your Family

3. Go for a family hike

Leave the concrete jungle and explore the natural world by taking a hike with your family. Hikes in nature are a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of this planet. It gives you time to be away from technology, to be at one with nature and to truly appreciate your surroundings.

10 Earth Day Activities To Do With Your Family

4. Invite friends and family over

One of the best Earth Day activities is to have a small party in your own home. Invite your friends and family over and use the time to celebrate all things green. There are plenty of Earth Day activities you can do at your party. You can cook a plant-based feast, watch a David Attenborough documentary, plant trees, build a vegetable garden, build a bird bath–this list is endless!

5. Create some recycled art

Consider creating some art using recycled things. It’s a great way to bond with your family. Plus, you get some really cool art out of it!

10 Earth Day Activities To Do With Your Family

6. Create an eco-friendly plan for the rest of the year

Use Earth Day as an excuse to sit down with your family and plan how you will be more eco-friendly for the rest of the year. Discuss how you can cut back on one-use plastics, recycle more, eat more plant-based and conserve energy.

7. Create an indoor herb garden

Not everyone has enough space to build a vegetable garden, so creating an indoor herb garden is the next best thing! They are a great way to add more green to the world, plus they will save you loads of money on herbs!

10 Earth Day Activities To Do With Your Family

8. Unplug for the day

Let’s face it, most people are addicted to technology. We’re always on our phones, watching TV and using our computers. It seems hard to imagine a day without using it. This Earth Day, consider unplugging from technology for a day. It’s a great way to detox from technology and get back in touch with the world around you. Use the time to go outdoors, to meditate, or even just to chat with your family without looking down out your phone.

9. Build a compost bin

Instead of throwing away all your food scraps, reduce your waste and recycle them in a compost bin. There are loads of Earth Day activities you can do, but this has got to be one of the most beneficial for your family’s day-to-day living.

10. Consider going vegan for the day

There are a lot of studies that suggest a plant-based, vegan diet is the single best way to reduce your environmental impact. If you’ve been scared to go without cheese or eggs for the day, use Earth Day as a way to test out some yummy vegan recipes with your family.10 Earth Day Activities To Do With Your Family

What are your plans for Earth Day activities? Let us know in the comments below!

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