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Dumb Things Celebrities Wasted Their Money On

Dumb Things Celebrities Wasted Their Money On

Many celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles. They spend their money on things many of us can only wish on purchasing. However, sometimes celebrities buy things that leave us scratching our heads and asking “why?” Here are some ridiculous things celebrities have wasted their money on.

Paris Hilton Spent Thousands Building a Villa For Her Dogs

Paris Hilton has always been a big spender. At the height of her popularity, she was often seen spending loads of cash on frivolous things like cars and clothes. Hilton doesn’t just spend her cash on herself. That would be selfish. Hilton is known to splurge on her dogs as well. It is no secret that Hilton treats her dogs better than she treats most people.  

In 2009, the ex-reality show star bought a $325,000 doghouse for her pets to live it up while she is away. This doggy mansion is 2 stories and is more than 300-square feet. It is decked out with the best designer furniture for the dogs to relax when their lives become too stressful. The doghouse even has a balcony as well as a black crystal chandelier!

What makes this purchase even more insane is the fact that the average home cost around $481,900 in LA Country. This means her doghouse is only $156,900 from the price of the average Los Angeles home. This does not include the expensive furniture Hilton added in the doghouse. It is safe to say the Paris Hilton’s dog is living better than most people could ever dream of.

Dumb Things Celebrities Wasted Their Money On

Victoria Beckham’s $35,998 iPhone

Victoria Beckham didn’t earn the name posh spice by being frugal with her money. The UK pop star and fashion designer has always had an eye for expensive things. Her red-carpet outfits have a reputation for costing a pretty penny. One of the most extraordinary items she has bought is a $35,998 gold-plated iPhone.

This one of a kind cell phone was handcrafted by designer Stuart Hughes. Hughes has made a name for himself by encrusting already expensive gadgets with things like diamonds and gold. This crazy iPhone is made of 150 grams of 24-carat gold. Hughes states that the golden iPhone takes weeks to craft adding to the already outrageous price tag.

What is funny about this golden phone is it is more than a few years old. It is an iPhone 4 so there have been many upgrades since the time of its release. It is unknown if Victoria Beckham still uses the phone or has upgraded to a newer model. One would think she would try to get her money’s worth and use the phone for a few years before disregarding it, but the chances of that happening is very slim.

Dumb Things Celebrities Wasted Their Money On

Nicolas Cage Buys a Dinosaur Skull

Nicolas Cage has had his fair share of ups and downs. His problematic spending habits have got him in trouble on more than one occasion. Cage lost his $150 million fortune around 2009 mostly due to irresponsible spending and unpaid taxes. One of Cage’s more unnecessary purchases was when he bought a Tyrannosaurus Battaar skull for $276,000.

Cage bought this dinosaur skull in an auction in Beverly Hills back in 2007. However, this skull was no ordinary skull. It was reported that the Tyrannosaurus Battaar skull was stolen from Mongolia and brought to the United States illegally. A paleontologist named Eric Prokopi somehow smuggled the entire skeleton into the U.S. with plans of selling it piece by piece to make more of a profit. Cage had no idea about this when he bought the skull and even outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for it.

Cage returned the skull to the Mongolian authorizes once he realized it was stolen in 2015. He received zero compensation back causing him to lose the $276,000 he spent on it. The whole dinosaur skeleton has since been returned to Mongolia. Eric Prokopi faced 17 years in prison for fossil smuggling but only received 3 months and a year of probation after he became an informant.

Dumb Things Celebrities Wasted Their Money On

Bono Spends $1,500 on Travel Fees For His Hat

Everybody has a favorite clothing item or accessory. The question is how far would you go to retrieve it after leaving it somewhere? Well, Bono apparently will spend more than $1,500 on taxi fairs, plane tickets, insurance, and even tips to have his favorite hat sent to him ASAP.

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The icon Irish rock singer forgot his favorite headgear when packing for a trip to Italy. Bono was supposed to leave London and arrive in Modena, Italy for a charity concert on May 27, 2003. Once he arrived, Bono noticed his beloved Stetson hat was missing. Instead of buying a new one at a local shop, Bono decided to get a hold of his agent and demand he ship it to him right away. Bono spent more than $350 on cab fairs, over $660 on first-class plane tickets, and $300 bucks on insurance/tips. Adding in all the taxes, Bono spent around $1,500 for someone to bring him his favorite hat.

Bono’s prized hat arrived to him just hours before the charity concert began. He believed all the money spent on the hats adventure was worth it. Bono even said the hardest part of the hat’s journey was telling the taxi drives and airline attendants how to take care of the hat. I don’t know about you but spending $1,500 on taxi fares and airline tickets for a stupid hat seems a bit excessive. You could buy dozens of hats for that much money. The lives of the rich and famous are confusing ones.

Dumb Things Celebrities Wasted Their Money On

Lady Gaga Spends Nearly $40,000 on Ghost Hunting Equipment

Lady Gaga is no stranger to outrageous behavior or absurd spending. One of the strangest things the pop icon has spend an insane amount of money on is ghost hunting equipment. Gaga has an extreme fear of ghosts. She spends thousands of dollars a year for real-life ghostbusters to scan her hotel rooms and tour venues to make sure no evil spirits haunt them. The spending doesn’t stop there. Gaga admits to buying almost $40,000 on electromagnetic field meters to protect her from ghosts.

A source close to Gaga once said, “She believes in paranormal activity and won’t take any risks when she is on the road. It’s important to her to be safe from spirits.” This might be a case of over paranoia or superstition, but the pop star insists the ghost hunting equipment is completely necessary for her wellbeing.

Gaga still has an unrelenting fear of ghosts and lugs all the electromagnetic field meters everywhere she goes. She once claimed she is the reincarnated spirit of her dead aunt. The ghost hauntings and reincarnation story can’t be proven of course, but that doesn’t stop the kooky star from taking extra precautions. She might want to call Bill Murry and the Ghostbusters team to figure out her ghost problems. It would probably be cheaper than carrying all that expensive ghost hunting equipment across the country.

Dumb Things Celebrities Wasted Their Money On

  These are just a few celebs who have spend their money on ridiculous things. There are plenty more examples not mentioned in this article. Feel free to tell us some more in the comments below.

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