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Drunk Sleeping

Sooo… at our dorm we had a beerpong party.. and of couse i didn’t handle it too well. You see, at a sertain time in the night i had to barf, jak! I went outside and for some reason one of my hall-neightbours found me in the bushes not far from the dorm(..?) oh well, he helped me to get me to my room, but the thing is.. we don’t have roommates, 1 room = 1 person, so i sleep most of the time without clothes on. So he took me to my room, with a little stop at the toilets, so i could vomit the rest of what was left in me together with my dignity. And we ended up in my room, he lays me in my bed, and says he won’t leave the room until i fall asleep. So here it goes… I start to take off my clothes, one by one, but luckly for me.. i woke up with my bra and undies still on.. Gosh.. drunk sleeping can be so embarrassing


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