6 Drinks You Need To Have In Your Fridge

There’s nothing worse than being super thirsty and reaching into your fridge and not finding anything that will properly quench your thirst. From electrolyte replenishers to thirst quenchers to staples that you should always keep around, there are 10 drinks that everyone should always have readily available in their fridge.

Some sort of milk

Now you might not want to drink milk straight out of the jug or carton, but it’s great to always have it in the house because you never know when you might need it. From adding to your coffee to baking and cooking, milk is super versatile and you often need it when you least expect it too. There is nothing worse than being excited to cook a meal or bake a baked good, then going to make it and realizing you don’t have a key ingredient. Most meals and baked goods don’t require too much milk, so if you aren’t a big milk drinker, it won’t hurt to have just a small milk in your fridge for those cases that you might need it. Of course, keep on top of the expiration date, and if it goes bad, be sure to get rid of it and buy a new one if necessary. Finally, you never know when you’ll have a batch of freshly made cookies, and you’ll want to dip them in a nice glass of milk. Plus, think of all the milkshakes and chocolate milks you can make! Or, if you’re into the healthy thing, you can use it in smoothies too. 



You might be thinking, “I’m not a kid, why do I need juice!” Juice is, I think, one of those things that is great to always have on hand because it’s a great thirst quencher. Sometimes when I’m really thirsty or really need to wash something down, I find that nothing hits the spot more than a swig of apple juice, or something like that. Juices are also great for mixers, or for homemade recipes of some drinks, like sangrias and similar punches. There is so much versatility and selection when it comes to juices. You can opt for a typical morning and breakfast juice, like apple juice or orange juice.  You can also get some more fun ones, like grapefruit juice, for example, which like mentioned before is a great mixer of often used in homemade drink mixes. 


You should always be ready to entertain, and part of always being ready for hosting includes always having a bottle of wine that you would be comfortable serving to guests, and having it chilled, if that’s something that you’re into. If you want to take it a step further, I would recommend having a bottle of white and a bottle of red ready, so you’re always ready both for whatever people’s preference is, but also for whatever pairs with whatever you are serving. Wine is also good to have stocked in your fridge because it’s often used in cooking recipes, and can spice up any dish you’re cooking for dinner. Plus, you always want the ability when you come home from a long day at work or something to be able to go into the fridge and pour yourself a glass of wine. 


Something with carbonation

Carbonated beverages are good to have around the house because you never know when you’ll want a little extra fizz in your drink. Like the juices, these drinks also often make for a good mixer, so it’s good to have them around. Above all, though, carbonated beverages are great to have around for just leisure drinking. They’re good to drink with a snack, with lunch, and for dinner. If you’re thirsty and need something in a pinch, or want to take a drink on the road, a bottle or can of a carbonated beverage is often your best bet for convenience and ability to take out and about with you. There is a lot of variety in carbonated beverages, in everything from packaging to brand to flavor. La Croix is a big name in the carbonated canned industry. These cans also come in many different flavors, allowing you to try around which ones you like and what pairs good with different meals. 

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Water bottles

A fridge isn’t complete without some water in it. Whether you have a Brita inside, a dispenser on the door, a gallon jug, or individual water bottles, y0u need some way that you can easily bring water on the go with you, as well as be able to offer it to your guests. For those always on the go, it’s a good idea to invest in a nice water bottle, that way it can be refilled before you go out from water you keep in your fridge. This is also good for just around the house, because instead of always grabbing a water bottle just for sitting around the house, you can instead fill up a reusable water bottle throughout the day, thus being more eco friendly! It is a good idea, though, to have individual water bottles for the days that you host people at your house, because a lot of times it’s easiest to just offer out individual water bottles. 

Something homemade 

Finally, something homemade should always have a place in your fridge. Whether it’s homemade iced coffee, or a sangria or punch that you made, this is always a nice treat for yourself, as well as something fun to offer to guests. Homemade iced coffee is great to have in your fridge because it stops you from going on all those coffee runs! And a homemade glass of sangria goes great with many different dinners, and can even be a great last-minute grab on your way out of the house if you are going to someone else’s place for dinner!

What are you stocking your fridge with? Are you trying the newest flavor of La Croix? Or will you be making a batch of sangria? Let us know!

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