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12 Drinks To Try Instead Of Your Usual Coffee Order

12 Drinks To Try Instead Of Your Usual Coffee Order

Need a change in your usual routine? It might be time to change things up with your usual coffee order! Most coffee shops have an overwhelming amount of options for you to choose from so change can certainly be intimidating. 

If you are ready to try something new, these drinks might be perfect for you!

1. If your usual coffee order is iced coffee, try switching things up with a cold-brew!

Sometimes even subtle changes in your daily routine can be refreshing. Ordering a cold-brew instead of your usual iced coffee is an easy place to start! Each coffee house prepares its cold brew differently so no matter where you go, you will have a unique experience! Whether you choose to go for a plan cold-brew or a specialty drink they offer with cold-brew as the base, you can never go wrong either way. Plus, cold-brew has more caffeine than regular drip or iced coffee so if you drink your coffee in the morning, you will have even more energy during the day than usual!


12 Drink To Try Instead Of Your Usual Coffee Order

2. If you are a fan of espresso, milk, and beautifully layered drinks, you should switch things up with a macchiato! 

You can order your macchiato hot or iced, and add flavors to change things up. This is a drink that is meant to be enjoyed and admired as they are carefully crafted, layered drinks! Make sure you pay close attention to your coffee house’s menu board or app to find the macchiato that is perfect for you.

3. For something different, try a fruity refresher or tea!

These drinks have fewer calories and less caffeine than most drinks on coffee houses’ menus. The caffeine they contain is naturally derived so you should not feel jittery after drinking them! They are packed with flavor, fruit and will certainly brighten your day with their aesthetically pleasing appearance and amazing taste!12 Drinks To Try Instead Of Your Usual Coffee Order


4. Use lemonade instead of water for your base to change up your usual tea or fruity drink!

This combination is great if you want to add more flavor and body to your favorite drink. Not only does lemonade taste wonderful on its own, but it can change the dynamic of your tea or refresher! The less water you have in your drink, the less watery it will become as the ice starts to melt…right?

5. If you are wanting to return to the basics and keep things simple, order a flat white!

A flat white is a great drink if you are a no-nonsense person. There are no frills about this drink. It is straight and to the point, just like you! Nothing is more comforting about the combination of steamed milk and espresso. Your barista will thank you for having an easy order to make!

12 Drinks To Try Instead Of Your Usual Coffee Order


6. Need some extra caffeine? Try a drink infused with nitrogen!

One of the sweetest coffee drink combinations is nitro cold brew with sweet cream. Adding nitrogen to coffee adds more caffeine and makes your drink more smooth! Plus, who doesn’t love having more bubbles in their drinks? While adding nitro to your drink will cost more money, it is definitely worth the splurge!

12 Drinks To Try Instead Of Your Usual Coffee Order

7. Is your coffee shop offering a special drink for a limited time? Try one while you can!

Without fail, most coffee houses run out of the ingredients within the first few days of releasing a new flavor–especially when it is only available for a short period of time. Wait until some of the excitement has died down before ordering one! While it does not have to become your new favorite, sometimes you need to add something fun in your life!


8. Craving a seasonal drink in the middle of the summer? Add a few extra pumps of pumpkin spice or peppermint to change things up!

Yes, believe it or not, you can have your favorite seasonal drinks all year long! Most coffee shops carry their syrups all year long. While there are some elements that are only available during certain times of the year, you can have your favorite season in a cup whenever you like!

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9. If you are staying around for a few hours, get a french press!

Smaller coffee shops have this as an option and they are worth the money if you are planning on spending the day making headway on that paper! They can come in various sizes and are perfect for sharing with your study group. It’s definitely less expensive to split one of these than buying multiple separate drinks. Go ahead and give this a try! 


12 Drinks To Try Instead Of Your Usual Coffee Order

10. Ask for your favorite hot drink to be iced instead!

There is no shame in not being a person who likes to drink cold drinks all year long or as the temperatures start rising! But if you find yourself growing tired of your favorite drink, now might be the time to change it up. Most drinks are prepared a little differently when they are going to be poured over ice! You might find your mocha tastes more chocolatey over ice than when everything is warm. 

11. Re-live your childhood memories by ordering a frappe or frappucino!

Sometimes, you just need to feel like a kid again, or maybe you want something that is practically a milkshake but an adult-version. You might be surprised at how many options there are for iced and blended drinks at your local coffee house! Go ahead and look at the menu until you find one that interested you. Just make sure you drink it slowly! No one enjoys brain freezes.


12. Now is the time to try the Greek frappe everyone has been talking about.

Most coffee drinkers have said that this fun drink lives up to the hype! Now you can find out for yourself. It might not be available at every coffee house, but there are some that offer it or at least a variation! If you know what the drink is made up of, and if you come across a nice barista, they might make it for you! Make sure you tip them well, especially if it is an off the menu item!

12 Drinks To Try Instead Of Your Usual Coffee Order