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8 Drinking Games You’ll Definitely Want To Try

8 Drinking Games You’ll Definitely Want To Try

Drinking games are a huge part of the college partying experience. With that in mind, here's a list of all the drinking games you'll want to try.

Whether you’re heading off to University for the first time, returning as a veteran, or simply love a good party (don’t we all), drinking games are bound to come up often. They’re a great way to break the ice, can bring out the competitive side in anyone, and are a lot more fun than simply trying to down your drink in the kitchen before a night out. That’s why it’s a great idea to be familiar with some of the best and most popular games, so you know the rules and can even suggest a game yourself at your next party; here is our pick of eight drinking games you’ll definitely want to try!

1. King’s Cup

This one will come up a lot at pre-drinks or University parties, trust me. Everyone has a slightly different variation on the rules, it often depends where you go, but the idea is usually the same. You get a pack of cards, shuffled, and spread them out in a circle around a cup with all the cards touching. Players take it in turns to choose a card from the circle – being very careful, because if you ‘break the circle’ (leave a gap between two cards when you remove yours), you’ll almost always be asked to down your drink! Each card has a different rule, and this is the bit that changes from game to game, but you’ll pick it up quickly each time… and they all involve at least someone drinking.

2. ‘Fuck You’

You need a set of cards for this game, too, which you lay out in a pyramid shape on the table – a row of five, then four, and so on – face down. Each player gets dealt four cards and the card in the first, single row gets flipped over. If you have a card with the same number in your hand, you can set it on top and shout ‘fuck you [name]’ (or ‘screw you [name]’ if you’d rather) to make the named person drink; but be careful, someone can do it after you with a different name if they have another card with the right number. Each card is an extra second you have to drink for, and each row multiplies the number of seconds. So, by the time you reach the fifth-row people are drinking for five times the number of cards that are put down!


3. Beer Pong

If you haven’t tried beer pong yet… honestly, have you been living under a rock? Since it’s one of the single most popular drinking games around, it’s definitely worth getting to grips with. Plus, this one actually requires some skill, which can make it extremely funny once everyone has had a bit to drink. Two sets of cups, with beer, are placed in triangle formations at each end of a table. Two people line up behind each set and take it in turns to throw a ping-pong ball into one of the other team’s cups. If you get it in, the other person drinks the beer. The aim of the game is to get rid of all of their cups before they land the ball in all of yours. To switch things up a little, if this isn’t exciting enough for you, you can write a set of dares or questions on the bottom of each cup. If the person does the dare on the bottom, they can keep the cup until you land it in again. If they refuse, they drink it straight away.

4. Flip Cup

Relatively simple, although not necessarily easy, you only really need a cup and a drink for this game. Everyone playing is split into two, equal teams, and it basically becomes a relay race. One at a time, each player has to down the drink in their hand, set the cup on the edge of the table, and successfully flip the cup upside-down onto the table with their finger. The second person then does the same, and the first team to get through all the players wins. Once you get the hang of it this can be a fast game, but it’s not as easy as it looks – I promise!

5. Roxanne

This one is pretty simple, and pretty much designed just to get you drinking as much as possible. If you can’t handle your alcohol that well, I’m warning you now not to jump up enthusiastically if someone suggests ‘Roxanne’. Basically, someone will play the song Roxanne by The Police out loud, and you drink every time you hear the word ‘Roxanne’. In case you haven’t worked it out… that’s quite a lot of drinking!

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6. Drunk Jenga

If you haven’t worked it out, you’ll need a Jenga set for this one! You write a different rule (e.g. all the boys drink), dare or question on each Jenga block and just play the game as you would before, drinking every time you’re told to and every time you pass on a dare or question. If you knock the Jenga tower over, and lose, you down your drink. And as you’ll soon figure out, Jenga gets a lot more difficult – and a lot funnier – the more everyone drinks!

7. Never Have I Ever

Yes, the game that you used to play back in your early teens is back as a drinking game. You take it in turns to say ‘Never Have I Ever’ followed by (surprise) something you’ve never done, and everybody playing who has done it has to drink.


8. Spoons

For this game, you need to sort your deck of cards so that there is one set of four for each player – if there’s three of you, for example, you could keep all the 2s, 3s and 4s. You also need a spoon for every player, minus one, set in the middle of the table. Somebody takes on the role of Caller, and every time they shout pass each player passes a card on to the person on the left. Hint: the game is a lot more fun if you shout ‘pass’ more quickly, because people can start losing track! The aim of the game is to get a set of four of the same number. Once you do, you set your cards down on the table and grab a spoon. All the remaining players then have to race to grab a spoon each, leaving one unlucky person without who has to drink for the number of seconds of their highest card. This is definitely one of the best drinking games!

There you have it, all the fun drinking games you need to get you through the next year – just remember to drink responsibly and be safe. What drinking games do you want to try? Tell us in the comments!
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