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Top 10 Drinking Games To Play At Parties

Top 10 Drinking Games To Play At Parties

Looking to spice up your next friendly gathering with some drinking games? Look no further because here are the top 10 drinking games to play at parties.

1) Never Have I Ever

A classic drinking game is a sure-fire way to make some memories and get to know your friends a little better. Most people know how to play this game as well, so that’s a plus. Simply sit around a table with drinks in hand and one person leads off with never have I ever done “blank”, all those that have done the statement have to drink. A cool way to hear some interesting stories from friends while also making some laughs while everyone is drinking.

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2) Kings Cup

Now this game for drinking can get a little complicated if its the first time everyone is playing it. Effectively you take your standard deck of 52 cards and you go around the table with each person drawing one card at a time. Each number of the card correlates to an action that the group has to commit with drinking involved. Now there is a lot going on here, but if you have a big group of people this is a good game to keep the drinking balanced between everyone. Given the cards divide out who drinks very well.

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3) Drunk Jenga

An incredibly fun and easy game to set up and play when drinking at a party. All you need is some drinks and your typical Jenga set. what you do is draw challenges on each of the Jenga blocks and whichever one someone pulls you complete the drinking-related challenge on the block and then proceed to put it on top as per usual. Some ideas for challenges could be separating people into groups and writing group numbers on the block so that if the number is pulled they are the ones who have to drink. This allows for the game to get more competitive and strategic. Otherwise, just come up with some whacky ideas to get your friends to do.


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4) Flip Cup

One of the most aggravatingly fun games out there to play during a drinking session. All you need for this one is some solo cups and a table to flip them on. Separate into as many teams as you see fit and then have each member of the team go up and try and flip a cup off the edge of the table and have it land standing up. In terms of the drinking rule with this section, you can either say one cup landed is a drink for the other team or base it off of multiple cups being landed.

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5) Thumper

This game is all about attention span and focus, you all think of some kind of gesture you can make with your hand and then sit down at a table. Now one person is picked to go first, they are going to copy one other persons gesture while everyone else is using their other hand to thump on the table. So you have everyone showing a gesture, the person that’s first copies one other persons gesture while the thumping continues, as soon as the copied person realizes this they are to copy someone else’s. and from there on you keep shifting who is copying whom. If at any point one person doesn’t realize that they were the ones being copied and that they had to move the cycle along they drink. So its all a drinking game about distraction and keeping people focussed on everyone’s hands while it is noisy and alcohol is in the mix.

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6) Straight Face

For this drinking game its all about the laughs. Before the game starts, get a bucket or a hat or something and everyone shreds up little pieces of paper to write funny sentences or sayings on. then everyone goes in order drawing and reading the paper to those next to them. if the person listening cannot keep a straight face, they have to drink. So on and so forth.


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7) Buzz

Now while this is a drinking game, it is very lax with how exactly you go about it. The goal of this game is for everyone to count off in variables of some number. the number one example is counting off by 7’s. So in clockwise order people will count up 7, 14, 21, etc, etc, etc. if at any point a person says the wrong number or cant come up with the number period, they have to drink. A good way to keep this game going is to reset after each mistake so people get a better feel for the increments.

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8) Personal Space

Bring back that bucket or hat from straight face and instead write body parts on these scraps of paper. for this drinking game, two people will pull a single scrap of paper out of the hat. Whatever two body parts are drawn from the hat, those two people have to connect with. As soon as one person separates or they can no longer stay connected because of the next scraps of paper they drew are impossible to do-they drink. All in all its kind of like drunk twister after a while, but its a good way to break the ice so long as no one is too awkward about the body parts written down on the scraps of paper.

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9) Bite The Bag

Besides whatever you’re drinking the only other thing you need for this game is a brown paper bag. The goal of this game is to designate an order and stand in a circle around a paper bag standing up in the middle of said circle. When it is a person turn they must lean over and pick the bag up with their teeth, nothing more. If they cannot pick up the bag then they drink. Once the bag has made it around the circle, you take scissors and cut an inch off all the way around the top, forcing people to lean over farther. If someone falls over, that’s an immediate fail.

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10) Voting Game

Another fun drinking game to play when you’re looking to create some awkward but funny tension amongst friends. One person comes up with a phrase like “most likely person to spill their drink”. One the question is asked, everyone points to the person they believe are the most likely to be guilty of the phrase. If there is ever a tie, then both or multiple people drink. If no one has more than one vote, everyone drinks.


Top 10 Drinking Games To Play At Parties

Have any other drinking games that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments below, maybe post some pictures if you tried any of these games at your next party.

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