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6 Drinking Card Games That Are Deadly

6 Drinking Card Games That Are Deadly

These drinking card games can get you absolutely fucked. These card drinking games are fun, funny and effective. Check out 6 drinking games to play at a pre

Card drinking games are perfect icebreakers when there’s a group of people who don’t know each other that well. They are effective icebreakers and successful in getting you buzzed, if not wasted. Here are 6 drinking card games perfect for just about any occasion. If you’re drinking with the guys, here are some other drinking games to try out.


This drinking card game involves some thinking so you may as well start your night out with this bad boy. In this drinking card game you have to memorize the cards you are dealt. The players also assign drinks based on a bluff or if you have a card that can be found in the pyramid. The cards are dealt in a 6-5-4-3-2-1 pyramid format and the dealer gives each player four cards, face down. Every player gets 5-10 seconds to look at their four face down cards. The goal is to memorize what you have and in what order; you won’t be allowed to look at your cards again unless someone calls out a bluff.

Each card in the pyramid gets flipped over one at a time, row by row. After a card is flipped, players get to assign drinks to one another based on if they have the card in their hand, or if they feel like lying. If you call a bluff, the player assigned to drink has one chance to find the card in the opponents hand. If a player gets called on a bluff they are assigned a new card in its place, face down. Each row represents the number of drinks given. If a player calls out a bluff incorrectly, they have to drink 2x the number of drinks assigned; vice versa if the liar gets caught.



Spoons is one of the fastest drinking card games. Cards are passed one at a time between players until there is 4 of a kind; once the first person grabs a spoon the rest are up for grabs. All you need is a deck of cards, a spoon for each person (minus 1) and beverages. Each player is dealt four cards to start. There is one caller each round responsible for saying pass, marking when each player passes off a card to the left. The faster, the harder. The objective is to get 4 of a kind.

Once you have 4 of a kind they place their cards down and grab a spoon. The rest of the players are left to grab the remaining spoons. Since there is one less spoon than there are players, one player ends up losing and has to drink. Once down to the final two, the player whose cards add up to the highest value has to drink.

Fuck The Dealer

Fuck the dealer is one of the drinking card games played with three to nine players. It’s a drinking game fun for both the players and dealer. Players sit in a circle and choose a card face down from the deck. Whoever has the lowest card is the dealer. Twos are considered low and an ace is high. No cards need to be dealt before the game. The dealer asks the first player (the person to their left) to guess the card on the top of the deck choosing from hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. If they guess correctly, the dealer drinks; incorrectly, the guesser drinks.


If the card’s suit was guessed incorrectly, the same player must guess the value of the card; incorrectly, they drink but have one more chance to guess correctly. They have to guess if the card is higher or lower than the last card drawn. Guess correctly, dealer drinks and vice versa if wrong. The incorrect guesser also becomes the dealer. This game is quite deadly so beware.


Quite the popular drinking game. Essentially the players drink with whatever is associated with the face-down card. A deck of cards is spread out face down around a full, unopened can of beer. Each player gets a turn to pick a card from the face down deck and either drinks or gives drinks based on the action associate with the card. At the end of their turn the player puts the card underneath the beer can, making sure not to open the can. If the can gets opened, they need to drink it and replace it with a no one. Here are the cards rules: ace, waterfall; 2, you.

Whoever drew the card assigns a drink; 3, me. You drink; 4, floor. The last person to touch the floor drinks; 5, guys; 6, chicks; 7, heaven. All players point up to the sky and the last player drinks; 8, mate. You pick a person to drink with throughout the entire game; 9, rhyme. You say a phrase and everyone has to rhyme it; 10, categories. You pick a category and have to come up with words in that subject; Jack, never have I ever; Queen, questions. You have to respond with a question; King, ruler. You make a rule everyone has to follow until the next King is drawn. Out of the drinking card games , Kings gets the job done.

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Horse Races

This is a hilarious card game. Search through the deck and get the aces in a horizontal row across the table; these are the horses. The first 8 cards are dealt from the top of the deck in a vertical column, perpendicular the aces. Each card in the column is called a link. The set up should look like an “L.” Before the game starts, every player bets on a horse. Bets are given as number of drinks and then the suit. Each player has to drink half the drinks they bet on at the beginning of the race. One player acts as the announcer. Once the bets are in they flip over the top card on the deck.

Only the suit of the first card matters. The ace of that suit moves forward to the first link. Each time an ace moves up for the first time, the announcer flips over the link card. The suit shown on the link has to move back one spot. Any horse that hasn’t moved cannot be moved back. The announcer will continue flipping cards and advancing horses until one wins. The player who bet correctly, gives out twice the number of drinks they wagers. Any players who guess incorrectly drink half the amount they bet.


Sloppy Hockey

This is a 2-2 drinking game. Essentially, luck of the draw determines who wins each period. Remove aces, twos and sevens from the deck. The dealer places their opponents first card down, then their own; these are your goalies. Then the dealer hands out another card to the opponent and his team; these are the defense-men. The dealer deals three cards each, who are the forwards. Then they place the aces, twos and sevens back into the remaining deck. There are three periods and three rounds in sloppy hockey. The dealer deals new cards after each period.

Once you make it through all the cards, the period end. The end goal is to draw higher cards than your opponents’ team. You have to draw higher than each group (forwards, defense then goalie) to keep moving on. If you draw higher than a goalie, you score, meaning you draw a card; if you beat a forward, draw another card. When you fail to draw higher than a forward, you lose the puck and it’s your opponents turn. Card rules: seven, poke check and you lose a turn. Two, penalty. Your opponent gets to choose which card sits out. It’s no wonder this is the sloppiest out of the drinking card games.

Do you know of any other drinking card games?! Here are some alternate ideas for card drinking games. Let us know below!
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