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Drink Recipes Just For Autumn

Drink Recipes Just For Autumn

As summer cocktails and iced coffees are left behind, we’re left wondering which drink recipes we should be trying out as the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to fall. Here’s what you can concoct at home to make those summer blues vanish and the autumn affections creep in.

Apple Sangria

Not quite ready to let go of the sweet taste of summer? Change up your traditional Sangria for the autumnal apple flavour. Get the recipe here.


Cinnamon Tequila Sour

Looking for something a bit stronger? Anything involving tequila will always do the trick. The touch of cinnamon will capture the essence of autumn, unique from the classic summer Margarita. It’s also one of the easiest drink recipes, so get mixing!

Warm Spiced Wine

For the wine lovers who usually enjoy a chilled evening glass, autumnify this habit by heating up your wine and adding some spices of your choice. Enjoy it in the cosy setting of your living room, tucked up next to the gently burning fireplace as winter approaches and you get closer to pulling out those Christmas time mulled wine drink recipes.


Pumpkin Keg

When I found this recipe, I was blown away by its simplicity, yet creative initiative. If you drink beer all year round, this is a fun, easy way to add an autumn twist to your standard ale. Pumpkin is one of the most popular autumnal ingredients and decorations, its multipurpose nature meaning there’s minimal wastage from this sizable vegetable. The keg would make a great early autumn barbeque feature!


Classic Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you’re looking for non-alcoholic drink recipes to spice up your autumn, this take on the traditional latte will do the trick. With the key autumnal ingredients of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, you won’t find a more seasonal hot drink than this.

Pumpkin Smoothie

If you fancy a cold drink, get your blender out the cupboard and whip up a satisfying smoothie. Forget summer berries, it’s pumpkin season. And with pumpkin comes its close friend, cinnamon. Enjoy this refreshing, autumnal smoothie for breakfast – there’s no better start to the day.


Hot Chocolate with a Twist

Autumify your classic hot chocolate with flavours such as hazelnut, caramel pumpkin or cinnamon. Garnish with nuts, caramel sauce and a cinnamon stick.


Apple Cider Mojito

Back to the alcoholic drink recipes, anything orange coloured with a cinnamon stick poking out the top is almost guaranteed to give you the true taste of autumn, whilst maintaining the summer cocktail lifestyle.

See Also


Boozy Apple Cider

This uniquely presented drink from Delish is quite a find. Served inside a hollowed-out apple ‘cup’, this recipe will appeal to those with a sweet tooth, using Fireball whiskey, pure caramel and cinnamon sticks combined with classic apple cider, juicy apples and zesty lemon juice. A sweet treat on an autumn evening.

Baileys Coffee

Change up your traditional Irish Coffee and instead use different variations of Baileys to warm you up on those chilly autumn evenings. Take your pick from traditional, Vanilla Cinnamon, Almond, Chocolate or Salted Caramel – all equally as tasty!


Regent’s Punch

If you’ve got a little more time to play with, give this sophisticated punch recipe a go, ready to serve at your Halloween party this year. It’s fun, it’s fruity and it’s fizzy. Plus, it’s got that all important autumnal nutmeg.


Pear Haymaker

If ginger is your favourite autumn ingredient, this one’s for you. Combined with pear rather than the more popular apple, this drink offers something a bit different, with its base alcohol being vodka rather than a spiced rum as well.

Which of these drinks recipes takes your fancy for the upcoming autumn months? Tell us your favourites!