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Drew Barrymore Makeup Line FLOWER Cosmetics Launching At ULTA

Drew Barrymore Makeup Line FLOWER Cosmetics Launching At ULTA

The Drew Barrymore makeup line FLOWER beauty is finally hitting stores at ULTA. Here is why FLOWER beauty cosmetics are the next greatest makeup line to have in your bag. FLOWER cosmetics is empowering and beautiful!

Drew Barrymore fans listen up! This is huge cosmetics news that deserves to be shared with all of you. If you are into high-quality, cruelty-free beauty cosmetics that empower women, FLOWER by Drew Barrymore is the best makeup line to hit the ground running. Sure, KKW lipstick line is exciting and going to be a hit but Drew Barrymore’s cosmetic line Flower Beauty is coming to ULTA and we couldn’t be more excited. Seriously – the Drew Barrymore makeup line is no joke! FLOWER cosmetics is #GirlBoss

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The Drew Barrymore makeup line Flower Beauty Cosmetics was created in hopes of creating a luxury brand-level makeup everyone could afford.  Honestly – this cruelty-free cosmetic line gets me fairly excited. Every flower cosmetics review I have seen has been an absolute success. Here is what you need to know about Drew Barrymore cosmetics and why the flower makeup line is something to invest in:

Why Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER Beauty Qualify As #GirlBoss Material

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Drew Barrymore is a no nonsense kind of girl who is about female empowerment; that’s why FLOWER cosmetics is a great makeup line that empowers women and develops products that help you not only look great but feel great in your own skin. Let’s be real – it’s pretty badass to see a woman who spent a great deal of career in a makeup chair finally take initiative to start her own cruelty beauty line. FLOWER cosmetics are sold in Walmart but thanks to recent news, Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER cosmetics will be sold at ULTA. After receiving raving reviews from several YouTube beauty vloggers, Barrymore’s cosmetic line has taken off; even Refinery29 vlogger Lucie Fink has given FLOWER cosmetics the thumbs up. FLOWER beauty cosmetics not only do makeup but sell fragrance, accessories and showcase videos on how to apply the makeup.Image result for flower beauty cosmetics

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Not many people are aware of Drew’s cosmetic company. FLOWER Beauty this is a brand you won’t want to miss. The FLOWER Skincognito Stick Foundation is a bestseller and the FLOWER Shimmer Shade Eyeshadow Palette is perfect for GNO’s (girls nights out) and date nights. Let’s just say this is a cosmetic company were excited to see launch at ULTA. The Drew Barrymore makeup line is to die for.


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