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Dressy Shoes You Should Have If You Can’t Walk In Heels

If you’re like me, then you have tons of trouble walking in heels. I have tried numerous times to make it work for special occasions, whether it be taping up my toes or spending a couple of days practice walking. Still, it’s not a pretty sight and I usually resort to going barefoot within the first two hours. It was the perfect “a-ha” moment when I realized that “dressy” does not have to equal “high-heel”. So, here are some fancy shoe alternatives if you dread the stiletto.

1. Black Flats

I feel like this one almost goes without saying. It’s a tried and true shoe that not only works for parties but also job interviews and every-day life. When one is on a shoe budget, this choice is kind of a no brainer. Black flats are a staple shoe that I would highly recommend getting even if they’re from Wal-Mart or off Amazon. You will be amazed by how much this shoe comes in handy.

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2. Loafers

For another shoe that can pull double, or even triple duty, look no further than the loafer. I love the look and feel of loafers since they are usually comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Depending on what color and style of loafer you have, whether it be classic black or a fun, embellished pair, you could make this shoe work with a lot of different dressy outfits.

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3. Sparkly Flats

No matter what your typical style usually is, I feel like a pair of sparkly flats can glam up any outfit without the pain and wobbliness of a heel. When I wear a pair of sparkly shoes, I feel like it takes my entire ensemble up a notch. I also feel like a disco ball which is always a great feeling. They’re not just fun conversation starters but they also look amazing in party lights and those Instagram pictures.

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4. Black Booties

If you’re looking for a more winter/fall option (or an all-seasons option in my opinion), these shoes are the way to go. This style of shoe is also fantastic if you can do a small block heel, which increases your style without increasing your height too much. Black booties are also another pretty universal shoe that can go from a night out on the town to stroll in the park.

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5. “Dressy” Sneakers

Okay, here me out. Sneakers can be dressy. They have to be, I don’t have seven pairs of Converse sneakers for them not to cut it at least some of the time. That being said, they have to be nice and clean (emphasis on clean) to be considered agreeable for a “dressy” event. A pair of sneakers can be very cute with a skater dress. I have made it work once or twice. Okay, maybe more than once or twice.

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6.  Colorful Flats

These can work for adding a pop of color to an all-black outfit or you can opt for a floral pair for a spring or summer wedding. Pair with some colorful accessories and you would be the talk of the event, in the best possible way!

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7. Sandals

For a winter beach vacation or a summer party, cute sandals always seem to be a go-to. They are easy to wear and allow you to show off your fabulous pedicure. Pair with a flowy dress and you will be all set for whatever sunny adventures come your way. If you need to add some extra drama to your sandal game, gladiator sandals are perfect.

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8. Leopard Print

I know different prints come in and out of style, but leopard print shoes always seem to stick around. There is just something that states “I mean business” when you slip on a leopard print flat. It’s a print that immediately elevates your outfit. Loafers would also be a great way to show off this style.

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9. Over The Knee Boots

No heeled sho styles don’t just revolve around flats and slip ons, though if you couldn’t already tell I adore both of those styles. Over the knee boots look great with jeans for a party or a night out and really complement a mini skirt if you need to kick your outfit up a notch.

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10. Ballet Flats

Another cute, classic, and dressy shoe is the ballet flat. I know this style of shoe often comes in and out of style but the fact that they’re still around, and remain so timeless, keeps me coming back to my pairs of ballet flats. I just feel like you could never go wrong with a classic black or nude pair.

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11. Oxfords

For a dressy and vintage feel, Oxfords are the way to go. I like the look of them as they remind me of the effortlessness of sneakers, while definitely not being sneakers. The laces and the shape of the shoe also offer a bit more security for your foot, while also still being relatively easy to take on and off.

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12. Metallic

This style is another type of party shoe and honestly, they remind me of New Year’s Eve or Christmas. They look great with the deep red, emerald green, and navy blue colors that always seem to be popular during the holiday season. There’s something about the metallic look that reminds me of beautiful jewelry and sparkling snow and makes me think, “Wow, I am fabulous.”

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13. Embellished

I think a pair of flat, embellished shoes, whether it be classic flats, loafers, or mules are an unexpected staple people should have in their closet. It’s another funky, “wow” type of shoe that not everyone has and really speaks to a person’s individuality. Embellished shoes work with a variety of personal styles. I’ve seen some that look like they could be Cinderella’s slippers and I have seen some that look like they would be fit for a wicked witch. It all depends on your preference and aesthetic.

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14. Mules

Mules are another easy shoe option if you are looking for a more business casual or “career woman” ensemble. They’re another shoe that’s easy and chic to wear, with them literally being dressy slippers, yet they always seem to scream professionalism. I also think it’s obvious that I really love shoes that look classic and amazing but also require little effort.

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I believe I have done my job in proving that “fancy” shoes do not have to be heels. Comment down below what your favorite no-heeled dressy shoe is or if you liked this flat shoe appreciation article, let me know!
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Rebecca Malachowski

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