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10 Dresses That Will Make You The Bell Of The Ball

When you are planning to attend a formal event, you want to look your best. The ability to make other girls jealous whilst making a fashion statement, is a dream many young girls face. With these beautiful dresses every young girl can feel like a Princess. No matter the occasion she will shine like a star. However, young girls aren’t the only ones whom want to look their best during formal occasions. With this list no matter if you are a high school student or not, you can find a beautiful dress to fit into your formal event.

1. Rose Blooming Romantic Black Gothic

Look like a gothic Princess in this dress. You will turn heads and wow others with your boldness. This beautiful dress is sexy and elegant. The fabric of the corset is satin and cotton, making it feel comfortable and gives the clothing its own breathing space , so you don’t overheat while dancing the night away. This is the perfect dress for a young girls prom who wants to feel comfortable in her fashion sense, while dressing up in a beautiful dress for a night filled with dancing.

2. Chic Ombre

A beautiful assortment of colors and perfect for many different special occasions. This dress is meant for someone who has a vibrant personality and a smile as bright as the sun. It is meant for someone who loves to be colorful and express their joy through their fashion sense. Whether you are a young girl going to the prom, or a woman who is going to an outdoor wedding. Made with satin, this dress is soft and comfortable. So you could wear it for hours without becoming uncomfortable.

3. Ball Gown Queen

Be the talk of the night in this beautiful gown. This gown showcases a sweetheart neckline with beaded detachable bell sleeves for an elegant look, along with hand sewn bead work and applique. A lace up back to shape your bodice shape as it trails down to its full silhouette which is made in tulle material and is adorned with the same applique. This dress is meant for the one who wants to be the star of the show. It is an elegant ball gown dress that will catch the eyes of everyone in the surrounding area. You will feel like royalty when gliding across the floor in this beautiful dress. Perfect for a young girls Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañera, or Sweet Sixteen, for when they are the star regardless of the event.

4. Garden Dress

If you are attending a formal event that is taking place outdoors, this is a great dress. You will somewhat blend in with the wildflowers, but also stand out and make peoples jaws drop at how gorgeous you look in your dress. With the earthy vibe of this dress you will certainly make a mark on the event for the night.

5. Diamond

Shine bright with this gown. You will be the shining diamond that every pair of eyes will be on during your formal social event. The talk of the women will be where you got your dress, and maybe that they could get something similar. Made out of sequins, lace, and satin, you will shining the entire night with the bonus shine of your own highlighter.

6. Mini Homecoming Dress

This dress is perfect for a small gathering. Whether it is formal or not, this dress screams spring/summer, and is perfect for a get together. You don’t always have to be going to a formal event to dress up. When you are just surrounded by friends and family, you still want to show off your style to those you surround yourself with, and this is the perfect dress for doing just that.

7. Vintage Style

Inspired by Marie-Antoinette’s historical personality and 18th-century fashion. The costume consists of an over-bust corset and a dress. This is a perfect dress to make a statement at a themed formal event or a costume party. You will turn heads in your Victorian era dress, and be the topic of the night with the other ladies. The corset is made from silk jacquard with thick cotton lining, which gives the fabric room to breathe, and allows you to party into the night without overheating.

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8. Professional

When seeing a dress like this I instantly think of a woman attending a formal work function. This dress is one that could make a woman feel elegant, powerful, and sexy. Every woman needs a dress that can boost their self-esteem through the roof. This dress is one of those. It can turn a woman from looking overworked, into looking like she spent all day in a salon.

9. Evening Dress

This burgundy satin dress is the perfect dress for any formal event you are attending. It is elegant and sexy. Two things every woman looks for when they are shopping for the perfect dress. No matter how many formal social events you plan on going to, this dress would fit the bill for all of them.  However, with the high slit on the leg, you may want to be cautious of all the twirling you do while dancing with your date.

10. Paillette Evening Dress

The deep v neck plain paillette deluxe evening dress with big fishtail is a good choice of fashion and you will love it, this dress is amazing. It will turn heads from the moment you walk through the doors until the moment you decide to leave for the night. This dress is perfect for someone who wants something different to wear when attending formal social functions. It is a beautiful dress and you won’t be the only person to think so.

No matter what dress you choose. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. When dress shopping try the dresses on to make sure you get the right fit, as well as a beautiful dress that you will be proud to have.

Carolyn Baughtman

I am a student majoring in Creative writing.

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