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10 Dresses That Will Impress Your Crush

Whether it’s official, unofficial or if he doesn’t even know you exist, sometimes you just really want to impress that crush of yours. Or perhaps your current partner or significant other is still your crush – in that case, congratulations on your thriving relationship. Either way, sometimes shopping for dresses to look cute in can be hard. Shopping for the perfect dress shouldn’t be a hassle. Here are some of our favorite dresses that are sure to impress that special someone!

1. Lace Skater Dress

Skater dresses alone often look good on anyone, but when you add lace to it, it makes them even hotter! You will look like you just arrived off of cloud nine when wearing a lace skater dress. The low neckline, lace and flirty flare is sure to catch somebody’s attention. The color of this dress and any accompanying accessories can change your look from sweet, casual, or fancy. This dress has the perfect combination of qualities to make you look effortlessly attractive!

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2. A Dusty Blue Mini Dress

This off-the-shoulder dress is sure to spice up your look. A dusty baby blue color is very beautiful, especially if it matches your eyes. Those puffed sleeves and the tightly fitted hem is sure to look good on your body. Furthermore, the short length is sure to catch attention and accentuate your legs while also drawing attention to the cute mini flare of this mini dress. The cute tying ruched detail also adds some spice. This dusty blue puff sleeve dress will surely melt your crush’s heart!

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3. Box Pleated Overall Dress

Overall dresses are just waiting for a compliment. A box pleated overall dress is sure to catch a glimpse from that special someone, and even perhaps a stranger on the street. They’ll be thinking, “wow, she looks so cute, I wonder where she bought her outfit!” An overall dress, especially a black one, can easily complement a variety of clothes underneath or over. They can be worn plain or with a shirt during the warm months, and with a sweater or jacket accompanied by some tights and boots during the colder season. A box pleated overall dress is sure to magnify your style and impress your crush!

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4. A Sunflower Dress

Sunflower dresses are definitely a go-to for summer events or dates. First off, it will definitely magnify your girly side – as the floral print will inevitably do that. Also, they come in a variety of fabrics and lengths. The shorter ones will give you that flirty vibe, while the longer ones will accentuate your personality while also looking cute! A sunflower dress is ideal for spring or summer, although during the chilly days you can certainly accompany them with a nice cardigan, jacket or sweater and still look smokin’ hot!

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5. Long Sleeve Polkadot Dress

A short dress with long sleeves may be a bit unconventional, but it is weirdly very stylish. This type of dress varies in material and style. This certain style has a combination of long sleeve, a short length and a low neckline that is sure to accentuate your style as well as look great with jewelry. The polka dot print adds a cute touch-up. You are sure to get a second look from your crush with this dress!

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6. Strawberry Cami Dress

A sultry strawberry print dress will definitely look cute or attractive on you, especially with the spaghetti strap, short length, tight fit and flared bottom! This kind of dress ideally looks great when complemented with a cardigan, sandals, bold makeup, earrings or heels. Although, it also looks adorable by itself as well. This flirty print dress is just waiting for a compliment!

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7. Floral Dress

A floral print dress is sure to bring out your feminine side. Floral dresses come in a variety of styles. The cute ruffled square neckline on this particular dress adds an attractive touch. A fitted stretchy top and waist will accentuate your body while also feeling comfortable. Plus, a cute smocked back and a-line style is sure to create a flattering look!

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8. Bodycon Dress

You will definitely look smokin’ hot in this dress. A bodycon dress is all about accentuating your curves. This dress can come in a variety of different styles that vary in length, texture, fabric, necklines, etc. This one, in particular, has long sleeves, a short length, a turtle neck, and a tight fit. This combination on a dress is sure to get a second glance from your crush! Furthermore, the color of your dress, the type of shoes you wear, or any accompanying jackets can change your look from casual, fancy, or professional. Either way, a bodycon dress is sure to impress that special someone!

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9. Button-Down Dress

A button-down dress will make you look and feel good! When you wear this dress, you are sure to be someone’s sunshine on a rainy day. Button-down dresses come in a variety of styles – short, tight, long, flowy, etc. This short and fitted style, in particular, will help you flaunt your figure. Furthermore, the buttons on the side add a unique style. It might leave that special someone thinking what is underneath those buttons!

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10. A Collared Dress

A white collared dress on black is perfect if you’re going for the cute, stylish vintage look. The collar says you’re ready for business, while the short length suggests you’re also ready for some fun. Collared dresses come in a variety of styles – short, long, tight, flared, different fabrics, etc. This unique look is sure to have your crush impressed with your style and wardrobe!

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Which of these dresses will you wear to impress your crush? Are there any you are wishing to own? Let us know in the comments below!

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